The universe launches the “Universe Radio” Season 2, which has been reorganized for 22 years.

On the 3rd Global Fandom Platform Universe (Universe) said, “From 3 days to 4 days, we will sequentiate the program highlights of the newly reorganized” Universe Radio “season 2 through the universe official SNS channel.”

Today’s first second-round ‘Filibuster’ is one of the concept radio programs that are present in the “Universe Radio” season 2, and is a thrombus discussion program that throws the controversial embers to throw oil. AB6IX (Aviethics), ATEEZ, Omai Girl, a total of 4 teams, a total of 4 teams, a colorful chema and jaws.

In particular, the “Catch Up!” Highlights the program ‘Catch Up!’ The previously released collections have already poured a hot response to global fans, adding to the “Universe Radio” season 2 ahead of the aunt.

22 years ago ‘Universe Radio’ Season 2 launches a total of five programs by starting ‘Filibuster’. Today, 4:00 pm Montste X, CIX’s’ self-capability ‘and 6:00 pm Ghosts (Ghost9), Drippin, Lightsum, Crabit, and the’ Rost Respect of ‘Taste’ Highlights do.

Universe radio program ‘self-capability’ is a corner that fans analyze the character of the artist and the artist directly checks the fact. In addition, ‘respect for’ liking ‘is invited fans in a virtual exhibition space and participating as a corner that shares the taste and emotions, and the artist can be closer closer.

Then, at 2 pm on the 4th, it will be deducted by Kangdukiel, Park Ji-hoon, Astro (Astro), and the ‘home communication statement’ of the Buddhism (WEI). The ‘home correspondence’ is a programs that the artist answers, assuming a ‘order’ ‘by’ assuming ” text ‘. Then, 4 pm Kwon, Bwon, Bwon, Brave Girls, Viviz (Viji), arc, and the ‘exchange diary’ highlights of the arc, The ‘exchange diary’ is a radio program that leaves the representation of the fans directly from his hand, and can be verified in FNS in the universe.

Following the high-level highlights, followed by a full-fledged “Universe Radio” season 2 will be launched. From this season 2, a total of 20 teams, including Ghosts (Ghost9), Lightsum, Viviz (Vivijo) new artist 3 teams, including “Philibster”, ‘Self Cavity’, ‘Taste Respect’, ‘ Home communication statements’ exchange diary ‘and every Sunday’ Catch Up!

Meanwhile, ‘Universe Radio’ Season 2 will be released every week from 5th, Sunday and Sunday, and details can be found through universe apps and official SNS.