If you want to get your WhatsApp chat course, you can use the unlimited memory of Google Drive – the 15 GB of free memory will not be charged here. However, this could soon change how the always well-informed blog wahetainfo discovered in the current Android beta of the messenger.

In the source code of the trial version, therefore, quite clear evidence suggests that Google does not want to offer the unlimited memory for the backups in the future. It means: The WhatsApp backups would in future be credited to the available memory in Drive. For larger progressions, users would like to meet either old backups or buy new memory for a fee.

Google source code suggests that change will not last longer

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WhatsApp users would then receive the source code then a notification when the Google-Drive memory is “almost full” and “full”. At the latest, users would have to react and then either delete old backups or buy new memory.

Quite surprisingly, the step by Google would not be: Recently, the Group had abolished the unlimited memory at the service Google Photos.

When and if Google will introduce a limit for the backups via Google Drive, is still unclear. However, the beta source code suggests that the change will no longer be kept in it.