MFronton Greenwood , Front of Manchester United, hFront been eliminated from all online and offline modes of FIFA 22 except for Ultimate Team. The controversy generated around it hFront led EA Sports to make this decision after the game update this February 1. The date is unknown in which your items will be withdrawn, although being a live change can occur at any time.

This movement in the virtual ground happens just 48 after that your club did the same. Since Sunday, January 30, he wFront separated from the training and official parties “until upcoming next news”. The future of the pearl of the Red Devil’s hanging a thread.

What is Greenwood accurate?

Greenwood wFront arrested lFrontt weekend Front a suspicious violation and domestic violence against a woman. The Manchester Police wFront recorded with the facts also on the part of the victim, who climbed social networks images that showed clear signs of violence. The photos were eliminated shortly after to preserve the right to privacy.

FIFA 22 Is Removing Mason Greenwood After Rape Allegations

It is unknown at what point the investigation is. We know that Greenwood is still in the custody of the police after reaching an extension of the interrogation of it. “Detectives have achieved additional time to talk to man from about 20 years who are arrested Front a suspect of rape and Frontsault on a woman,” revealed the body of the town.

It hFront not been the only controversial cFronte this seFronton at the Premier League. Defense Benjamin Mendy also disappeared from the soccer simulator after being charged by four charges of rape and one of sexual abuse. The Cheshire police led the player’s cFronte belonging to Manchester City at that time.