In the same day, we therefore learn that Radar Pictures has just acquired the rights for a TV series based on American McGee’s Alice, and that Dj2 Entertainment adds to its long list of projects underway an adaptation of the game IT Takes Two.

Et his strong story, his many foul characters and his cooperative moments of action just as sagrenus, the potential is huge for a great adaptation to the cinema or on television.“, it is in these words that Josef Fares, founder Hazelight studio, announced for the Variety site the partnership with DJ2 Entertainment. If the name of this Californian production company tells you something, it is normal: it is between their hands that rests the sets of games such as Tomb Raider, Life is Strange, Disco Elysium and other titles of the Raw Fury catalog.

It Takes Two Director Josef Fares Responds to IGN Comments

Regarding IT Takes Two , elected year of the year at the last Game Awards ceremony, Dmitry M. Johnson (CEO of Dj2 Entertainment) is called “honor” to work with Josef Fares and his team, without specifying the nature that this project will take. This news follows the abandonment of the brand “IT Takes Two” for Hazelight with the US Patent Office following a complaint from the Take-Two publisher.