Fans of Hyper Scape knew the day would come sooner or later. Apparently rather earlier, because how ubisoft announces now, the Battle Royale shooter is set in a few months.

Ubisoft Battle Royale Hyper Scape Bombs & Dies After 1.5 Years & Watch Dogs Legion Ends Support

Hyper Scape soon offline

It was ubisoft’s answer to the Battle-Royale shooters of other great games companies. While games like Call of Duty: Warzone continues to serve a high number of players with new content, Hyper Scape went shortly after publishing the puffs. In April 2021, the free-to-play game received its last update and has since dumptified.

Now Ubisoft makes short process and explains in a blog post that will shut down the servers on April 28th again this year . Specifically, it means:

“We have made the difficult decision to end the development of Hyper Scape and to set the game from 28 April. We have made a vertical, fast shooter experience with melee character, and we are very grateful to our community that it has accompanied us on our journey. We will incorporate the most important findings from this game in future products. “

In another paragraph, the developer thanks all players to their passion and commitment. (Source: Ubisoft)

Unfortunately, only a small consolation for fans of the shooter. Thus, Ubisoft already kills the next game after the game developer recently announced the setting of the multiplayer support for Watch Dogs: Legion – and after not even one and a half years .

No players, no viewers

Ubisoft focused on hyper scape mainly on vertical gameplay and a special twitch component. Because viewers can significantly influence matches by coating about certain game world modifications, such as the change in gravity or revealing enemies on the minimap.

Everything sounds bad on the paper. However, the shooter lacks an active player community and sufficient twitch viewers to vote. (Source: Twitten Metrics)

Maybe this sad message leads to a last increase in player and audience numbers before Hyper Scape is finally adjusted.