Dusan Vlahovic has developed into a top striker in Florence, but it was already clear that the Serb did not want to stay with the Viola forever. The status not later than the attacker rejected a contract extension. Now the 22-year-old Just changed his birthday to record champion Juve \ – just Juve, many Fiorentina fans liked to think about.

With some supporters of the Tuscan, in the past few weeks, the hope was great that the old lady would not serve in Florence this time, especially since Klubboss Rocco Commisso had always emphasized again and again not to give his gem to the old lady. But that’s exactly what happened at the end.

The Serbian Torgarant, which leads in with 17 hits in 21 lots together with Lazio-Ass Ciro Immobile (17 Goals in 19 Games) the Torbeager list of Serie A, is changed to Turin for at least 70 million euros – and thus to the big rivals from the North.

Drawing fans threw commisso and sports director Joe Barone before having “a deal with the ultimate evil”. Ultimate evil? Among other things, two supposedly stolen championships ensure that in the city of Medici for years, one has not to speak well on Juve for years.

The story repeats again and again

In Florence, sometimes is likely to be annoyed that the old lady operates in beautiful regularity at the staff of the Viola: in front of Vlahovic, Federico Chiesa 2020, whose namesal Bernardeschi 2014 or Felipe Melo 2009 gave the Tuscany Gen Turin – and of course There is also a Roberto Baggio, who had managed this path already in the far year 1990 – apparently involuntarily.

Juventus 2-1 Sassuolo | Vlahovic sends Juve to the semifinals | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2021/22

Baggio was sold for approximately 15 billion lira (DM 15.2 million), then it was the most expensive transfer in the world. “I did not want to go, you sold me against my will. My heart will always be violet,” said the noble technician at that time. Many took off in the history, especially since Baggio did not take pictures with Juve scarf at his presentation and dearly hidden. He still increased its popularity in Florence when he refused to shoot a penalty for Juve at the first duel with his ex-club.

The Florentine fan soul also cooked in 2020, as the self-green and long-standing figurehead followed the recreation of the money (and associated greater chances of sporting successes) and changed to Turin. Fans channeled her anger on the player at that time. That’s the way this time, much more remains to you but also will not be left.