_ Genshin impact _ has experienced a variety of events over the years since its publication. A special event that finds a lot of appeal is the lantern Rite event. The Lanternritus Event began on January 25th and lasts until 12 February at 3:59 am to the server time. With all the challenges that are included for the event, it is an excellent time to go through everything that has the event to offer, and collect all the rewards available for challenges that your character needs to master. This guide article gives you an overview of what the _Genshin impact is lantern ritus challenges and the rewards you receive from it.

What the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Challenges are

First, you must start the event to start with the challenges. To experience the event, you must have completed Chapter 1: Akt III and the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I. In addition, you must have reached adventure rank 28 or higher. There are four specific challenges that can be played within the event, and you are listed here:

  • Flameplune starflowers
  • The big assembly
  • Oceanian defender
  • Wonderful shadows

Every challenge is unique and will reward you with great rewards. In “Flameplune Starflowers” you will create fireworks / melt, which of course will be a thrill for those who like to produce items. You need to create many fireworks for specific settings within the challenge.

For “The Great Gathering” you fulfill five unique missions that take you on a journey through the sea and the country. It is noteworthy that you have to defeat “Oceanic Defender” “Beht” in line with the sea topic with the challenge “Oceanic Defender”, which can be considered as a three-headed seed terracke. However, “Wondrous Shadows” lets you turn a lantern after talking to Yuang Rong. For this challenge you have to throw shadows to a wall.

LanternRitus challenge rewards

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With regard to the rewards that you receive by completing the challenges, you will find here a list of the challenge and the rewards you receive by completing:

  • Flameplune Starflowers – Wohlstandstalismans, Fireworks, Hero Wait, Mora, Mystic Enhancement of Enhancements and Primogemes
  • The Big Assembly – Rich Year Recipe, Hero Wait, Immaculate Talisman, Mora, Mystic Enhancement of Enhancements and Primogemes
  • Oceanian defender – Conquest Valley, Hero Wait, Mora and Primogeme
  • Wonderful shadows – wealth stalismans, Heroes’ spirit, Mora, mystical room for improvement and Primogemes

As you can see, there is a wide selection of rewards that you can collect all by completing the challenges for the event. It should be noted that you can also get the free character offered by the event by completing the quest “Stars write the wishes of the year”, and this can be completed by the acquisition of 1000 prosperity and conquest valismans will. You can then select a four star Liyue character as a reward.

Are you going to play Genshin impact Lanternritus event and completing all challenges for the rewards this month?

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