Pokemon Co., Ltd. published new information on “Pokémon Legends Alceus (Pokémon Legends Alceus)” on January 25th. While the release is approaching, some important information is revealed. In addition, final PV is also available.

First of all, various Pokemon has been introduced, a regional form of this work. A new garde, wargle, Zoroak, etc. can be confirmed on the official site. And, there is also a trap of his three houses. In this work, Pokemon of another work, such as Mokro Hino Arashi Mijumar, is selected as a three family, but each Pokemon will evolve different from the conventional 1. Both Pokemon have two evolutions, but the final evolution seems to change to different forms than ever. Only silhouettes are published, and it would be a place where it is fun in the product version.

In addition, information on Pokemon’s Alceus, which holds the key of this work, is also released. Apparently the secret of Alceus is hidden in Tengan Mountain, which takes place in the jade region. Speaking of Tengan Mountain, a huge mountain that reduces mystery, symbolizing “Pokemon Diamond Pearl”. Apparently “Pokémon Legends Alceus” seems to aim at Tengan.

In the Tengan Mountain of this work, it is partially cracked over the summit, and that it is dyed in a different color than the normal sky. People in the Hisei region are called “time-time crevices” and are afraid as a non-gain phenomenon. At the summit, there is a good temple built in a long time ago, and the image of Pokémon who received special protection such as King Queen is beautifully lined up. In “Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl”, it is likely to have such an event as a special event is also happening at the top of the interst. In addition, since the world view and new elements of this work are exhaustively introduced in Final PV, it would be nice to watch it once.

Nintendo Direct - 2.9.2022

“Pokémon Legends Alceus” will be released on January 28th. In short of sale, the same work seems to be hidden, such as stories and region foams.