The Ministry of Land, Transportation, said, “Korea-Type Saemang Air Traffic (K-UAM) Grand Challenge (K-UAM) Grand Challenge (K-UAM) Grand Challenge (K-UAM) Grand Challenge (K-UAM) Grand Challenge for commercialization of UAM.

Grand Challenge is a large-scale demonstration project to test in a similar environment in a similar environment that has a new technology and research and development performance, which is in mind, with commercialization. It is the aim of verifying the safety of the commercialization of urban air traffic and preaching the operating concept and technology standards for domestic conditions.

The Ministry of Bureau opens the ‘UAM Grand Challenge Korea’ on and offline participation in the Grand Hyatt Seoul on the Grand Hyatt Seoul. This briefing session is a place to explain business and direction in domestic and international organizations and businesses that are interested in empirical business. Promotion Plan Details, Policy Roadmap, Control (CONOPS 1.0), linkage, UAM gas, traffic management services, and Vertipot planning.

Domestic major participating companies are 53, including Hyundai Mobile, Hanwha System, SK Telecom, Cacao Mobility, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea Airport Corporation, Hyundai E & C, Korean Air. America Violation, Germany Bowlocopter, China, France Thales, and British Skyport. Policy support agencies include 42 institutions with the Ministry of Land District, Aerial Office, and US Screws.

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The business is handed out to step 1 and 2. One step in the non-induction is carried out in the National General Flight Performance Tester (Goheung). Currently, the associated infrastructure is being established. The government plans to launch a test bed required for two stages (junior heart, city center), and research and development integrated demonstration (city center environment). Proceed according to step 1 achievement, proceed from 2024. R & D Integrated demonstration is currently preparing the initiative of the preliminary derivative this year as a planning stage.

The Ministry of Land, Department, will be discussed by participating agencies, companies, and demonstration scope, methods, and can be launched in the first half of next year. The Secondary of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Transportation, said, “The demonstration result of the Grand Challenge will be used to create a new traffic management system that is internationally shared by participants.”