Intel slaat terug met Core i9
Last update there is November 4, 2019

During the Intel 2019 Experience Day, we were able to observe Intel’s most important main processor to date. Created specifically for players, the i9-9900KS is able to handle up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Frequency all-heart. It has eight hearts and 16 threads, a 127 W TDP, an Intel Smart Cache of 16 MB, and a maximum of 40 platform and PCIe for games and overclocking.

What probably the most excited me is the 100% heart turbo frequency. Using eight cores at a 5.0 GHz Turbo Frequency (Basic Frequency of 4.0 GHz) allows games to operate faster when moving on cores for higher scroll speeds. This was shown briefly, and I must say that the results were impressive. The new call of duty was used to demonstrate that, and it was impossible for me to say if they played the game or rolled a coil of military images.

Intel seeks to disappear overclocking difficulties with “Intel Performance Maximizer” (IPM). The IPM is a downloadable hub that will offer you an unprecedented ease of access, offering players the ability to dynamically adjust the processor unlocked according to the individual performance DNA of the processor.

The new core is also there to make the life of streamers and more effective content creators than ever before. Intel introduced the “mega-tasking” as one of its new main initiatives. Mega-task is the term invented to make what the i9-9900KS allows multitasking, with a 27% increase in speed when playing, streaming and save all at the same time. Intel has noted that it was a comparison with a 3-year-old computer, but there is no doubt that it would be a fantastic upgrade of any PC. On the other hand, if your specialty is more in content creation, the I9-9900KS promises a 17% increase in the 4K video mounting speed compared to the previous generation, and an increase of 78% compared to A 3. year old PC.

Since October 30, the I9-9900KS special edition is on sale and I would advise you to act quickly because it is a limited edition of the product. At a price of $ 513, it is slightly higher than that of the old model, but, according to my impressions, Intel has undoubtedly justified the cost. If you are interested in games, streaming or creating PC content, this offer is made for you.