In Lillehammer, the THW Kiel found once more difficult conditions: The Corona worries had grown, because in addition to head coach Filip Jicha also his assistant Christian Sprenger had infected, short-proof Suchskoordinator Klaus-Dieter Petersen had to step in the side line.

And Elverum, who could delight in the premier class specifically at home so far, did the rest. The Norwegians did not have a single time in the entire first 30 minutes. The THW was 1: 3, 4: 6, 7:10 and 12:15 back before the “Zebras” reared the switch immediately before the halftime whistle and at least shortened to 14:15. The Kieler, however, were also able to thank her recent header Niklas Landin, who had taken some free throws.

After the side change, the THW attached to the last actions before the break. Niclas Ekberg presented the first-time lead after 35 minutes (18:17), Domagoj Duvnjak lately put a turn on seconds. But Elverum was climbed off the euphorized audience not so easily beaten. Eric Johansson especially turned powerfully at this stage – the throwing-rolled half-lively marked his eighth goal in the ninth attempt at 22:22.

But the German record champion did not bring himself from a double short-mentioned. In the home ripped Sander Sagosen the game more and more in itself. Left outer Rune Dahmke was mainly as an invitations of a fire, with his fourth goal in the fourth attempt, the German national player set to 27:25. THW-Keeper Landin took Elverum and again one hundred percent chances.

Atlético Madrid - AG København [FINAL4 2012]

High voltage in the last seconds

But even if the “Zebras” led to three goals in the meantime, Elverum remained persistent. Everything was open again at 30:30 five minutes before the end. When Rune Dahmke saw a two-minute punishment with a break of the last two minutes, the pendulum turned towards the host. But Kiel defended Klug, Miha Zarabec changed 25 seconds decided to end at 31:30. As Steffen Weinhold also retailed a two-minute punishment, only four THW professionals defended. But the last litter from the right bang only hit the post.

It remained at tight projection for the keels that open with 15 points to the top group. Montpellier and previous year’s finalist Aalborg have only one counter in the account.

Elverum – THW Kiel 30:31 (15:14)

Goals for Elverum: Johansson 8, Solstad 5, Gröngahl 4, Heldal 3, Lien 3, Men Nilsen 3, Math 2, Hedberg 1, Langaas 1
Goals for Kiel: Sagosen 6, Dahmke 4, Duvnjak 4, Ekberg 4/2, Weinhold 3, Wiencek 3, Reinkind 2, Zarabec 2, Bilyk 1, Honig 1, M. Landin 1
Referee: Duarte Santos (Portugal) / Ricardo Fonseca (Portugal)
Criminal minutes: 8/14
Disqualification: \ – / –