Dragon Age 4 would be about to go out in 2023. Despite a number of lapels and reboots, it seems that fans will finally be able to play the game at the end of 2023. This news comes from the reports of an insider who asserted that his sources informed him that everything about the game “is in times_.”

“On the whole, when they look where they are supposed to be in the development cycle, they reach their milestones and where they are supposed to be”, confirmed the initiate. “The game is in times.”

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_ “There are still at least 18 months from today_,” he added. “Sed not early 2023, maybe end 2023.

Bioware has published the first full trailer of Dragon Age 4 to the players’ public in December 2020. “We are still at the beginning of production_”, said the developers at the time. “We thought it was time to give you a first glimpse of how BioWare’s passionate developer team elaborates this very special game.

Although sources say that Dragon Age 4 could come out by the end of next year, it is still possible that the launch exceeds this estimate. The developers have been able to respect the deadlines so far. However, the initiate reminded the players’ audience that everything can happen by then. Something can happen and potentially derail the project.

Fans hope that developers will be able to publish a remastered Dragon Age collection if the game is launched after 2023. This could probably troubleshoot them until then. Unfortunately, the initiate revealed that the developers had no plan for such a project at the moment. After all, the collection would require more investment from the whole team.

Eighteen months, it’s still far away. Yet the fans are happy to know that Dragon Age 4 is progressing well.

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