Today, Horizon Forbidden West appears. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 we can rush with Aloy into the adventure and explore the forbidden West. The Day One patch should still improve this experience. We’ll tell you what’s in version 1.04, which you can download now.

patch notes to update 1.04

It’s about it: The Day One patch to Horizon Forbidden West is there and needs how reports 525 MB of storage space. In addition, the magazine lists the patch notes. Among other things, the performance should be improved. But crashes and bugs that influence the game progress should be resolved. The following points are listed:

  • Different performance improvements
  • Fixes for different rare or circumstances bound crashes
  • Fixes for rare or circumstances bound progress blocker
  • A bug that is not correctly recorded correctly in some moments of progress in the notebook should be corrected.
  • Some cosmetic improvements

These improvements are kept relatively vague. We do not know what “circumstances” or missions are.

If you take up today in the forbidden West, we have the best tips for starting for you:

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Horizon Forbidden West is Aloy’s second adventure where you have to save the world together with girlfriends and friends. With our Horizon Forbidden West Test, the PlayStation Exclusive has cut off with 89 points and thus convinced, but not as strong as the predecessor.

  • The detailed Forbidden tech check of the PS4 version can be found here

Game mechanics have been refined for the continuation and expanded and the hunt for machines just makes more fun. By contrast, the story remained behind part 1. The mysterious story was one of the great strengths of the predecessor.

Horizon Forbidden West ???? Update 1.04 aka 1.004 - Day One Patch

Are you going on with Aloy right now?