competitive circuit of League of Legends is being quite exciting in all important regions; Although at Europe is Rogue who is sweeping, LCK has seen the best T1 with Gen G as the main competitor. In turn, at China there is an arduous fight for the first place since three clubs are tied at the top of the table; But one of the leagues that is most given to talk is the LCS. The Liga North American a highlighted these last weeks thanks to Cloud9, but with the exit of LS there are many who have moved from church and have gone to the ecological side of the league: Flyquest.

The green team is being the revelation team of the season, planting face to nothing more and nothing less than Team Liquid , one of the teams with the best level in the West. The team formed by Toucouille, Joshedodo, Johnsun and company are giving a lesson of how to play as a team and the play of yesterday with which won at 100 Thieves demonstrates this strong union in the team.

The context was as follows: 100 Thieves and Flyquest were fighting in the Rio area to try to finish the game as soon as possible, although it is true that Flyquest started with a certain advantage having Toucouille and Johnsun very swollen; is here when the current American champion threw the house through the window to try to finish the game, but Flyquest read pretty well that it was going to happen because of what they worked together for go around the group fight.

100 vs. FLY - Week 3 Day 2 | LCS Spring Split | 100 Thieves vs. FlyQuest (2022)

First, the Veigago de Toucouille hit so much that he almost onoshotea to the enemy apalelios, who had thrown everything to try to kill as soon as possible to midlaner. However, he would throw the active of his mythical object and Zhonyas to have his rival caught by the horns and wait for the rocket of Jinx to finish once a time of the five contenders of 100 Thieves, while That Tryndamere had ended Corki in the blink of an eye.

It is here when it was demonstrated the key of flyquest: group fights and good understanding among all players , knowing the role that each has and sacrificing by the team if necessary. This type of plays very well orchestrated and calculated with precision are only worthy of the best teams and Joshedodo club and company is no exception. Team Liquid will have internationally known names, but Flyquest has a united and inseparable team capable of dreaming of large things.