Publisher NACON announced restaurant management simulation “ Chef Life-a Restaurant Simulator “.

This work is a simulation game that customizes a variety of elements such as kitchen equipment, staff, materials, menu creation, and sorting, as a restaurant management. This work is the first video game and collaborating with Michelin Guide. The rating system will be adopted as the Michelin criteria for the evaluation of cuisine in the game.

Are you a player’s freedom or player’s freedom to make your restaurant a locally loved restaurant or a third star restaurant. The player has the best quality in terms of food, provided dishes, and efficient management of table services, and must be careful with the budget, and improve the reputation of the restaurant.

This work has customized functionality, and players can customize cooking devices such as many avatars, cook conditions, food processors, ovens and create ideal kitchens. Cooking can be offered at the restaurant can also develop approximately 80 species from standard dishes such as French, Italian and other international dishes, and original recipes.

Cook: What it Takes to Make It in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

It is dependent on the player who will be a restaurant that will finally be a restaurant that will finally aim to be a local restaurant or to get a star at Michelin, but to get a star, the high quality quality of the quality of the best cuisine You will have to do every effort to satisfy the most demanding customers.

This work is scheduled to be released on October 7 by PlayStation5 / PlayStation4 / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch and PC.

Speech also does not support Japanese, but Japanese subtitles, UI also supports Japanese.