For the first time, there has been a V-Tuberin to the top of Twitch . With a stream marathon it has managed Ironmouse to become the channel with the most active subscribers of the platform. Since already 17 days is the streamer without interruption online. But we do not know who hides behind Ironmouse. She hides her face behind a V-Tuber model \ – only the voice get audience to hear on Twitch.

How many active subscribers did Ironmouse collected?

According to the current numbers, Ironmouse is over 98,300 subscribers . No other channel currently has more. Thus, the V-Tuberin could have even names like XQC (82,000 subscriptions) or Hasanabi (53,000 subscriptions). At the same time, she was chosen on twitch at Meiterbeschunged woman . From the all-time record Ironmouse is still a bit removed. This was positioned by Ludwig with over 283,000 active subscribers in April 2021.

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Why is Ironmouse live?

The V-Tuberin is just in the middle of a so-called subath . Here it has the viewers in the hand how long the transfer will take. Whenever Ironmouse is receiving a subscription or presented with a donation , the stream is extended by 15 seconds . In this way, the transfer has reached the day 17. An end is currently not in sight.

Many subscriptions were given away to viewers

Typical of a subath is the fact that fans support their streamer or their streamer in which they give away several paid subscriptions to viewers. According to the data from TwitchTracker, Ironmouse has received over 75,000 subscription gifts . In most cases, a subath has the consequence that after expiration of the month subscription, the numbers of active subscribers also break rapidly. A success is the stream but of course anyway.

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