10 Years Ago: Thrilling DFB Cup Derby against TSV 1860 München!
Löwen coach Michael Köllner responds to the 1: 2 dynamography at TurkGücü with three Switches: Salger, Greilinger and Biankadi came to the starting eleven for Lang, Moll and Goden (all bank).

His opposite André Meyer compared to the 2-0 home win against Zwickau on continuity and sent the same starting race.

Many fouls and little game flow in the first round

The game was baves bins from the beginning and also often interrupted. Of course that bothered the play flow and so both teams rarely came to long ball chains, such as the lions in the 14th minute or hall in the 29.. Rather, it has been started up again and again – both teams forced the opponent to ball losses.

Only Eberwein in the initial phase (12th) was halfway dangerous for the HFC, divide a sharp flank (20.). Nothing happened until the half-time break, but the impartial Patrick Old zückte twice the yellow card: Fully (24.) and Salger (45.) were warned.

shcherbakovski breaks the spell

The second round had to offer much more compared to the first. First, it was Eberwein back dangerously (53.), only a little later, Shcherbakovski’s shot to the HFC leadership in the gate (54.). A corner of Kreuzer landed under detours at the 10er of the HFC. The lions were not hanging and had almost the direct answer, Bankadi missed a cross of Lex Haarscharf (57th).

In the episode, the game remained dual-fighting, the impartial Patrick old longed twice in the chest pocket: Kreuzer (57.) and Belkahia (61.) were warned. At the lion, however, the yellow well was the smaller evil, because at the same time old was pointing to the point. For a pass that actually not should have been punished: Biankadi played the ball against Huth, the striker then fell to the ground. Incorrect penalty, Eberwein ultimately turned safely (62.).

Löwen-Coach Köllner stopped offensively and brought Goden, Tallig and Linsbichler. It was also tallerously, which deposited in the 74. strongly on Neudecker. His teammates failed at the HFC final writer. In the final phase, Deichmann then had a good opportunity (80th), but overall the lion lacked the offensive breakthrough force. So the victory for the HFC was ultimately earned, though the penalty was a wrong decision.

Halle enlarged the distance to the relegation places on six points, the TSV remained in ten rank ten. The Munich are at Zwickau on Saturday (2 pm). The Sachsen-Anhaltiner welcomes Waldhof Mannheim at the same time.