The healing game developed by the Indie Developer Faudomade in Korea was revealed to be unauthorized for the Chinese Publisher. The parties are where the mobile game is served as a market in China.

is a game of concepts to build resorts on the island and raise cats. Developer Father Made has discussed the Chinese entry of the game, and the Feder Made has been in contact with the Chinese side publisher zipper, and the “program executable file) of the game was communicated. The contract was made without the initial deposit, and about 3 months of the game on the local game, the Feder Made was notified by the Feder Made. Capitalize

In the early January, Federmade has found out how to find out the game, while I was looking for another Chinese publisher. In this process, Google Play and SMEs were selected for the ‘Housing Program’ supported by the SME Venture Department, and the opportunity to enter the game overseas.

The game called Cat Resort (Cat Resort) is currently being service on nine Chinese platforms, including Huawei, Witchhat, and Ticky. A total of three publisher names are found, most of which are the form of mobile games. The contract has been destroyed, but in China, the same game has been named .

Z is not confirmed whether the APK is developed and modulated, and that the APK is provided to the third party. China’s closed ecosystem condition, the padamade side is difficult to know specific damage.

Koreans steal traditional Chinese culture.Cultura china. Drama chinolay Chinese dramaTrung Quốc韓國偷漢服

“It’s a small-scale developer that you can do that”… “Requires a national dimension”

This game was selected for the selection of Korean Content Promotion Agency last November. The Feder Made was able to steal the game in China, while the Feder Made was confident with the game.

The Feder Made side is not to feel the unattended betrayal and deprivation in this currency. “It was a toughness to cudge in a small developer and is a difficult position for legal cope,” he said.

Until 2021, a former lawyer (law of law), who served as a professional committee of the Korea Safety Committee (Lawyer Act), “I have to make a contract, and I have to look at the contents, but when I saw a conventional situation, I could not be able to use it. “

“Copyright law infringement, operating secret infringement, etc., is a matter of crime, which is a civil and crime,” said, “The right to infringement is clear,” The right to infringement is clear, and in China. Suggestion.

In addition, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the National Camp of the KIF of the National Cam.