Rainbow Six Siege was under the public look after announcing his calendar of Six Majors . There will be one in North America and another in Asia, but stressed that the United Arab Emirates ** would be the contest house in August. The reaction of both the community and members close to the organization was negative. Even a change.org was opened so that Ubisoft would reconsider the decision corresponding to the Major.

Ubisoft Leaves UAE for Rainbow Six: Siege Major After Backlash
Quickly putting the context, the United Arab Emirates suppose an unfriendly area for the LGBT community. Rainbow Six Siege is known for inclusion both inside and outside the game . His camera talent is diverse and open upon arrival of anyone, while agents also celebrate identity diversity. Then, a competition in Abu Dhabi was a bucket of cold water for everyone.

International comments came to ears of the right people. On February 22, the official account of Rainbow Six ESPORTS communicated from the adjustment at headquarters for the Six Major August 2022. In addition to elaborating in the process that gave way to the original ad.

Ubisoft planned to celebrate the community of the Middle East and North Africa , carrying Abu Dhabi to the Major. According to the official statement, there were conversations with teams, allies of the Esports area and country government. The intention was always guaranteeing the security of all participants, avoiding discrimination by their gender identity.

Although the best scenario for competition was sought, Ubisoft did not leave aside international voices. So he made the decision to move the headquarters of the Best of August to another Rainbow Six Siege region. To compensate, there will be regional competences and activations in the near future. The company does not want to ignore the development seen in the Middle East and North Africa.

There is still no place confirmed for international competition. Possibly we receive news over the next few months or on the eve of August.