The Indie Live Expo 2020 took place yesterday, and with it came a lot of game announcements. Craftopia, a fashionable word stew for the game that will come out next month. What fashionable words have been added to the pot, you may be asking for? All… all? Yes, all.

ENDLESS Automated MINING & SMELTING | Craftopia
Specifically, this game is a Sandbox, Open-World, Survival, Farming, Hack-And-Slash, Factory Management, Hunting, Fantasy RPG. There is also a crafting nestled somewhere, between Survival-Farming and Factory Management. Call the ambitious game would be the euphemism of the decade. It does not mean anything about the games uhhhh, visual influences.

Yes, the image above shows a very familiar paraglight. The rest of the graphics is a strange mix of models of anime characters and strangely real animals, combined with environments that meet in a way in the middle. There is no release date yet for the game, but an alpha closed begins next month. If you are interested in participating, simply retweet this ad and follow the developers on Twitter. The winners will be selected by draw after June 12, 2020. You can consult the trailer here.