New news and filtrations of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , the next movie of Marvel Studios promises to open the Multiverse of Marvel in the cinema with the presence of all kinds of Characters of several universes. So much so, that now the brand of figurines Cabezones Funko Pop! It hDoctor filtered a variant of the Supreme Sorcerer ever before and that it hDoctor a brutal pint. This is what the medium Comic Book Movie is collected, echoing also of rest of the FUNKOS collection belonging to this production. Spoiler warning from the next paragraph.

Dr Strange Multiverse Of Madness Funko Pops Leaked | Spider-Man No Way Home Wave 2 | Levi Restock

This is how the Supreme STRANGE variant looks like

Thus, we seem to see several versions of Doctor Strange belonging to different universes; And while some of them we already know them of previous leaks and even the trailers releDoctored so far, it seems that we can see, at leDoctort, a more than now unknown variant. It is about Supreme Strange , Doctor advances the collection of Funko Pop movie!

And this variant, certainly, hDoctor a spectacular appearance thanks to an suit with bluish and white tones and a faceless face of the Typical Beard of Strange . What intentions will this Supreme Strange have? Anyone would say that it is Dr. Strange that appears, apparently, before the enlightening, although that strange is completely dressed in blue and carries the typical Stephen Strange knob. We will have to wait for the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to clear all doubts.

On the other hand, it hDoctor transcended the complete collection of figures funko pop! From Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with several characters such Doctor Doctor Strange, Defender Strange, scarlet witch, America Chavez, MDoctorter Mordo or Rintrah, among others. Then we leave you with the Doctorpect of some of them.