Google Play has progressed for the use of ‘Google Play Console’ for game development companies. The ‘Google Play Console’ is a developer support tool that encompasses all the features that plays from the app release, updates and monetization.

The Google Player has shown that the reported game already released in Korea on 170 countries around the world through demonstration. In the actual demonstration process, the overseas release has been completed with five clicks.

Kim Hong-geun Google Play Game Partnership Manager explained that “a very simple procedure completes the test and selects a release country.” Even if the developer first launches the game, it will be prepared to check only the policy and declaration. The rules that developers need to be followed can proceed with Yes / No choice. The national identity infringement part that matches the Korean characteristics can also be confirmed as an example of the example.

The content classification process was also simple. Google received its own classification business status from the Game Water Management Committee. Developers were able to choose the question, such as fear, selectivity, and coating memos. In the case of unavailable games under the age of 18, the game should be subject to the classification of classification directly from the Game Water Management Committee. If the developer has been false, you can get sanctions through post-management.

The Google Play Console provides developers to policy notifications, launch management, app information, android vital, statistics, user acquisition, financial reports, and user feedback information. App Icon A / B test is also possible. You can see if it has a higher accessibility when it is any icon.

Wowbar Google Play Trust and Safety Team The Korean Operations Agency recommended that developers adhere to the “restricted content” items in the app launch. Limited content is intellectual property, revenue creation and advertisement, spam and minimum function, faithfulness, personal information protection, fraud and device abuse, store registration information, promotional, malware.

For example, the app must provide a minimal user to provide and consider a basic level of functionality. Apps that are abnormally terminated or in terms of functionality are not allowed to allow Google Play. It should also not be the act of increasing the possibility of viewing through spamstore registration information and low quality promotions. Google Play strictly prohibits the app that contains malware that can be harmful to the user. Depending on the Google Play Policy, the responsibility for the problem is that developers are.

If a problem occurs, Google Play notifies the developer by email. Developers can file a policy support team if you think Google Play decisions are wrong. Whoborner responsibility is necessary to “reduce unnecessary communication and provide a document as soon as possible, to provide a document necessary for review,” and “It is also important to not repeatedly repeatedly.”

Kim Dong-gyu, said, “I used the” Android Vital feature especially useful, “he said,” he said, “he said,” The game itself was not healthy, no errors, and could see if it did not give a negative experience to the user. ” Kim Dong-gyu participated three times on the Indie Games Festival supported by Google Play, and recently, it was selected for TOP3. Since then, Kim Dong-gyu exit his high deer to Neobu to 20 billion won.

Kim Dong-gyu’s representative is the advantage of the Google Play Console “to advance to the abroad from a small-scale developer,” and “Google Play is a only platform to easily test, experiment, and help flexibility. I think, “he said.

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At the meeting, Google played that Google plays ambiguous feedback on the developer. As a developer, it is a problem that it is hard to know what is a problem with the game. “So,” the development company says, “he said,” So Google plays a screenshot, including screenshots including violations of violations, “he said. “If you do not see this part of this part, you may be a case where you can order this part. Added.