At 4. March 2022 Starts the second season of Star Trek: Picard at Amazon Prime Video in Germany. The MMORP offshoot Start Trek online now announced that there have been some ships from the game directly into the series. Moreover, via Star Trek: Picard is now known that in addition to old faces from the first season, such as Picard , Raffi and Seven of Nine , also “new” figures will appear in the series. Among them, for example, the overpowering essence Q, as well as guinan. Who can not wait for himself until tomorrow, has happened to happiness. Because in America, the series started on Paramount + already yesterday. So we have summarized the squadron for you . Attention, spoiler danger **!

Which ships from Star Trek online are there in Season 2?

Whole Four ships From the MMO Star Trek Online celebrate your debut in Season 2 and will be officially part of the canon . These are the ships Gargarin, reliant, Ross and a ship of Sutherland class .

This change is very significant because it’s the first time that a new Star Trek series has been inspired by the online game and not otherwise.

Season 3 from Start Trek: Picard should become revolutionary

STO on Picard & Sale—Star Trek Online

Already the filming for the third season of Star Trek: Picard started and it will be the last season of the series at the same time. The showrunner Terry Matalas revealed that the third season ** will have a great impact on the entire Star Trek Universe .

What place in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard?

Even for this, Terry Matalas has an answer: the second season, have epic dimensions, but it is more “intimate” in terms of the story. Season 2 should allusions to the Kirk films who “bring together” by Star Trek. In addition, fans can look forward to a “really fascinating and heartbreaking, psychological exploration [of Picard], which nobody expects in this form”.

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