Litmus Co., Ltd. is an asymmetric online multi action match game “Run for Money-Running Care” by collaboration with the two popular programs “Jailbreak” and Fuji TV “Jailbreak” It was notified that it was decided to provide newly from April 1 (Fri).

Litmus Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Natopy, Litmus) is based on collaboration with the popular program “Jailbreak” and the popular program “Jailing” in Fuji TV. Asymmetric Online Multi-Action Competition Games “Run for Money-Runaway-Run-Run-Run ~” We have decided to provide a newer offering from April 1, 2022 (Fri).

In addition, we started accepting pre-registration of this work from March 4, 2022 (Fri), so we will notify you.

# “Run for Money-Runaway Come ~”

This work is an asymmetric online multi action match game collaborated with the popular program of Fuji TV “Running” and the title “Jailbreaker” during our operation. The player is divided into a hunter and a escape person, and the hunter is to secure all the escape people, and the escape person is to find 10 keys from the world and escape from the goal. Participants can get rewards depending on the elapsed time. “Wipe” will be displayed in the sense of watching TV, and real-time delivery can be enjoyed while grasping other players trends.

# Luxurious prizes hit! Following & Retweeted pre-registration Campaign

In commemoration of the start of pre-registration of “Run for Money-Runaway”, MacBook Pro and a large TV will hold a pre-registration campaign that hits MacBook Pro and large TVs. Please retweet follow and designated tweets!

# # Holding period

March 4, 2022 (Fri) -3 months 31 (Thu) 23:59

# # Prize

Number of followers | Products |

500 | Yukari Tamura Sign colored paper | 2
Yamamoto Yamamoto Sign colored paper | 2
Suzuki Yuto Sign colored paper | 2
Amazon Gift Certificate (for 1,000 yen) |
Hunter Sunglasses Set (for Children & Adults)
1,000 | Store Card (Apple Gift Card or Google Play Gift Card 1,500 yen) |
1,500 | Airpods (3rd generation) | 1
2,000 | iPad mini | 1
2,500 | PIXEL 6 | 1

3,000 | LCD TV (50 types) | 1
3,500 | iPhone 13 | 1
4,000 | PIXEL 6 Pro | 1

A Simple to Install Run Package: Using One Formation
4,500 | iPhone 13 Pro | 1
5,000 | MacBook Pro | 1

way to participate

Retweet a designated tweet with the official account (@RUNFormoney_PR) of “Run for Money-Runaway” or a pre-registration campaign banner.

# # Winning announcement

As a result of the strict drawing by the Operating Office, we will contact you in a direct message to the Twitter account of the winning person. (Midly scheduled in April)

# “Run for Money-Running Cooking ~” App Overview

[Title] Run for Money ~ Runaway-Genko ~ [Genre] Asymmetric Online Multi-Action Competition Game [Corresponding Terminal] iOS / Android (It may not be available depending on model) [Usage fee] Basic play free (some item charges System) [Twitter]