Yesterday it was revealed that CD Projekt Red had joined companies such as Apple and Bloober Team, in order to block access to GOG and restrict the sale of games in Russia, this as a response to war that is taking against from Ukraine. However, this position was received negatively, since the Review Bombing did not wait, and Currently Cyberpunk 2077 has negative reviews where the game is not discussed, but the decision of the Polish company.

Currently, cyberpunk 2077 is being negatively qualified in Steam. Although we still find comments that are not happy with the performance of the game, Many reviews were written by Russian users, who are angry about the recent Decisions of CD Projekt Red. This was what they have commented:

“Rare garbage with a lot of mistakes, whose sale in Russia is suspended.”

“CD Projekt Red, Russian players have always supported you more than anyone else in the world. You decided to pay us with ingratitude. Sow the wind, harvest the whirlwind, damn Nazis “.

“I always supported the study, but this is the top of cynicism and a stab in the back. Connect the game with the policy, spitting on the face of the whole community by the agenda that carries the government, and not the ordinary people. “

Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got a Critical New Update

More comments follow the same subject. Users are not happy with the decision to block the sale of games in Russia , and they are doing everything possible to leave this clear. Considering that other videogame companies have performed similar acts, including Microsoft, it is certain that this type of comments will be replicated in more places.

On related topics, Microsoft has decided to block the sale of Xbox in Russia. Similarly, John Romero has created a new level of Doom II to help the people of Ukraine.

Editor’s note:

It is more than sure that CD Projekt Red does not decide to change your mind. Although negative reviews can be counterproductive for the company’s image, they would be even worse when retractingly returned, and the same applies to the rest of the companies that have applied similar decisions.