We approach the PC, PlayStation and Xbox release of the Action-RPG-immersive SIM Weird West on March 31st and Devolver Digital and Wolfeye Studios have revealed the fourth video of the “Road to Weird West” series.

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Wolfeye Studios’ Creative Director RAF Colantonio gives it an insight into the rules and laws in Weird West, of clashes with legislative counters, up to lifelong bindings – in friendship and enmity.

Discover a gloomy fantasy interpretation of the Wild West, where legislative and revolver herets share the country with fantastic creatures. Experiences the genesis history of an atypical hero group, which is through the decisions that meet her in the inhospitable environment is to legend.

Every trip is unique and depends on your actions – a number of stories in which everything stands on the game and the world responds to your decisions. Forms a squad or attracts alone into a different worldwide border room of the Wild West and makes every legend for your own.

Weird West will be published on March 31, 2022. The game will also be available directly to the launch in the Game Pass for Xbox and PC.