This week a new replacement of PlayStation 5 will be held in GameStop. After the Christmas bombardment at the end of 2021, the repositions of the PS5 have been lower and less to start 2022. And although the console has been available for more than a year at this time to buy, the fervor of the customers to buy the Platform has not died a lot at all. Fortunately, if everything goes well in the coming days, it seems that this replenishment of PS5 in Gamestop could be a great opportunity to acquire the hardware.

As reported by the shortcut, this new replacement of the PS5 will take place tomorrow, March 8 at 11 a.m. m. ITS T. This refueling will be only online, which means that you should be ready to make a purchase through the GameStop website if you want a console for you. The replenishment will also sell only the digital edition of the PS5 as part of larger packages that GameStop will make available. In addition, only those who are subscribed to GameStop PowerUp Rewards membership will be able to access this PS5 refueling.

Since this replenishment will sell the PS5 consoles through a package, it is worth noting that the cost of the package itself will probably be closer to $ 600 or $ 700, depending on the version you try to get. Although the details of the packages that will be available have not yet been confirmed, it is said that each one contains an additional DualSense controller and a loading station. A package will supposedly include a gift card, a PSN card and a membership for PS Plus, while the other will include an internal SSD of 1 TB.


It is worth noting that if you can not get the PS5 in this new refueling tomorrow, it is said that there will be another sale through GameStop later in the week on March 11. On the contrary, this replenishment will be carried out within GameStop’s physical stores. It is said that stocks are quite limited with this replacement, but Gamestop will supposedly sell different PS5 packages in the store for a price in the range of $ 800. More details about this opportunity opportunity will be known.

Are you going to try to make you with the PS5 in any of these replenishments in GameStop this week? Let me know for yourself in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.