At the DHB team, it has become quiet since the EM 2022, at the end of January Germany had denied the last game against Russia. On 19./20. March, Gislason’s team now meets Hungary, first in Gummersbach (16:15 clock), tags in Kassel (5:15 pm). As part of the World Cup play-offs (13 to 17 April), the opponent then means Faroe Islands.

In general, Gislason was satisfied with the EM tournament. The DHB team was powerfully confused because of the many Corona cases, many young players could and had to prove themselves. “We have to continue working where we have stopped,” Gislason said. He had “used a few weeks to go through everything: in the attack and the defense, but also what happened to the other teams.” The analysis was “certainly not easy” because of the Corona cases. “They were very many players.”

Too bad, he is not really so old at 33 years that he has to stop.

Gislason about Wiencek

At that time, Wiencek belonged to this, but on Monday, the Routinian announced his resignation from the DHB team. Gislason knew about it for some time. “He suggested it some time ago that it does not endlessly continue. I hoped that he stays a few years old. Too bad, he is not really so old at 33 years that he has to stop. But you have to stop Respect the decision, “said the DHB coach.

Knorr outside, but not out of focus

Testimonial of a Graduate Nurse for the Emergency Department at Waitemata DHB
And Yuri Knorr? The 21-year-old was nominated neither for the EM nor for the course. The door is not too, said DHB board sports Axel Kromer mutatisse: “Nobody has belonged to the squad or is now out now, of course, we have nominated again according to the benefit point of view,” Kromer said. Because of his vaccination status, he could not have been at the ECH anyway, but he did not show the performance at the time. He must now also look under the new club coach, “to increase his game shares and recommended for the team over the Bundesliga”.

Under Ljubomir Vranjes Knorr does not come to the train with the Rhein-Neckar Löwen. “Yuri plays little, and then rather half-links than in the middle,” Gislason said. But: “He’s not out of focus, he can show himself again and again. However, he has to stabilize his performance.”

Debuptant Money “very interesting”

By contrast, Hannovers Veit Mävers (21), the only debutant. “A very interesting Mittelmann, in the attack very good and he is getting better and better,” Gislason said, but he also explained, maveres must improve in the defense. Generally, the trend goes to all-rounders. “We can not allow us to have attack or defense specialists in the long run, it is very very important that players can not only work half the field,” said Gislason and called France and Sweden so positive examples.

In the defense, the DHB team will have to rediscover, because Hendrik Pekeler has taken a break from the national team. The Kieler formed the defense center block in the German national team together with Wiencek for years – now both are g1. Gislason named Sebastian Ernst, Sebastian Heymann, Julian Köster or Tim Zechel as potential candidates for the defense center. “We will work on we import three to four players who can take over the position.”