An remake Final Fantasy VII was briefly spotted on the PlayStation Network, before being deleted because it was published by mistake. It was enough for someone to download it and share videos on YouTube, covering the introductory kinematics, and more.

Final Fantasy VII Remake vs Original | Direct Comparison

The three videos shared by YouTube LM V2 and Lystrasza users offer about 30 minutes from Gameplay from the demo, which has not yet been officially published for the general public. The videos cover the cinematographic prologue and the very early gameplay of the station you reach upon arrival in Midgar.

The reddit user asura1958 compared the original game with the video appeared on YouTube. In particular, the intro scene where you can observe the entire Midgar from above shows the progress made since 1997.

The station of the station also unlocks all the potential of the place and emblematic characters such as Cloud reaching the location with a complete set of movements instead of simple 3D models.

Although we do not have an exit date for the demo, we have an exit date for the full game, which arrives on March 3, 2020. A second act in the final FINAL FANTASY VII_ The project is already in preparation and Should see the day in a few years. The first is launched exclusively on PlayStation 4, at least until March 2021.