It started on Friday with a overtaking of the FC Union Tornesch, who made a counterpart from two points behind a counter ahead on the HSV Barmbek Uhlenhorst. In the 4th minute, the guests went a bit unexpectedly in the lead, because the von-Winckelmann-free kick looked harmless, but BU keeper Leskien was efficient and the ball was in it. After that, a rather maune football match, in which the supporters of the home team were also allowed to cheer in the 71st minute somewhat unexpectedly: a crossed in the penalty area at Perz, which briefly placed the ball and then net. Almost a day, Tornesch brought him back to his lead: a long pass processed Ghadimi Nouran pattern valid and Drosch the ball via the interior post over the line. In minute 74, the Away-Threier wobbled because Werning retailed a disputed red card, the referee threw him an opportunity. But in the 89th minute, the FC Union made the lid on it, Ghadimi Nouran Klaute Lux was the ball, ran freely on leskien and stayed in the duel with the goalkeeper ice-cold.

The two other games planned for Friday between Hamburg SV III and Meiendorfer SV as well as between the Bramfelder SV and the FC Süderelbe had to be due to Corona.

The game was played on Saturday in Lohbrügge. The domestic VfL is now on a relegation place after the 1: 3 against the TuS Odorf. In the 26th minute followed by Jumpmann the first neck strike, but the Ohl answered in minute 31 with the compensation. But in the second round, Osdorf then tied the threesome, responsible were with their goals Erectin (63.) and Demircan (73.). Osdorf leads to the relegation round table, of course, only and alone the lead in front of Sieben Sieben.

Chaos Ensues As Full Line Brawl Breaks Out Between Red Wings And Wild
This is now evidenced by the Hamm United FC. On Sunday, the SV Ruugenbergen moved over in the direct duel. At the 2-0, Neumann became the matchwinner: First he was in the 53rd minute on the long post to the spot and squeezed the ball from a short distance over the line, then he repeated this feat in a very similar way nine minutes later. Due to the second half a deserved victory, whereby Hamm could have been in the first half of the lead.