Supermassive Games are actually still difficult to work on the last part of the horror anthology The Dark Pictures employed: after Man of Medan (our test), Little Hope (our test) and House of Ashes (our test) follows there in the foreseeable future The Devil in Me . And a second season of The Dark Pictures should be rumbling in work.

When will The Quarry appear?

But this does not stop the studio from the next horror adventure to announce – including very close release date : The quarry is called the new grusel game, and unlike Dark Pictures Anthology Not bandai namco as a publisher, but 2K games. The publication date of The Quarry is the 10th of June 2022 , in not even three months it is so far. The horror adventure for the PC (via Steam), also for PS5 and PS4 and Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One . A version of The Quarry for Nintendo Switch is currently not announced.

How does the quarry play?

With the quarry, supermassive games are faithful and developed according to UNTIL DAWN (our test) and Ebage The Dark Pictures again a story-intensive horror game, which continues to make decisions and respond properly into stressful situations. Means: profound gameplay you can not expect yourself again. Instead, walk around, examining objects for story notes and all kinds of Quick-Time events.

The Quarry: Horror and Teen Drama in the first trailer

Instead of briefly, only by a parent narrative stories like the Dark Pictures Anthology, the Quarry will again be a single, for a long game, as it was once developed with Until Dawn (our test). Maybe not the worst decision, dubbing that Until Dawn compared to the “successors” in critics and players on average.

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What’s it in the quarry?

And like Until Dawn, The Quarry resets the Quarry to a proper serving teen horror, probably the most clearest based on the iconic films of the series Friday of the 13th, with the machete-swinging, undead promiscuity puncture Jason vorhees as a compromising killer in the lead role. This ensures in the films especially in the cursed holiday camp Camp Crystal location for bloody chaos. The official summary of the story then also works as follows:

_ As the sun goes on the last day of the summer camp, the supervisors want to celebrate the inside of Hackett’s Quarry again. No children. No adults. No rules._

And then everything goes very fast…

From the party plan of teenagers becomes an unpredictable night of horror, as a blood-attached locals and a little, much worse hunting on them. For jokes and flirts, decisions in which it goes to life or death, while relationships form or break under this unimaginable pressure.

One plays as each: R of the nine caregiver: inside in a captivating cinema tonic narrative, in which the own decisions from a network of possibilities weave an individual story. Every character can become the main character before the new day breaks. Which story will unfold?

The Quarry Announce Trailer
In the plain text: As in the previous games Supermassive Games’ can all or as well as all of the figures on different moments in the plot over the virtual Jordan go. At the end you can look at nine survivors – or just on nine corners. Incidentally, famous faces could hide – why, do you experience page 2 .

From Lukas Schmid
Editorial manager
17.03.2022 at 17:00