In the “Lost Ark” you can find many collectible items, but none of them are so rich as the seeds of Mochoko. Mococo seeds resemble small fruits and have a green glow.

In the castle of Verne there is six Wet seeds search and collect. The wet seeds in this place are quite simple. Here is a mococo seed location in the castle of Verne in Lost Ark.

Where to find all seeds wet in the castle Verne in Lost Ark

Lost Ark All Vern Castle Mokoko Seed Locations

Go to the places marked above to find most seeds wet, but avoid libraries to the end. The library has two seeds wet and yellow triangle.

The image above will give four of the six seeds wet, but the last two in the library are special. Go to the place marked in the image below, and interact with the bookcase when the NPC approaches you.

NPC moves back and forth, so you must be patient. You can get to the lower level by opening the bookcase and collecting the last two seeds of wet.

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