For Ishak Belfodil, after the replacement, there was a tender wiper on the cheek, the head of Marco Richter took Mark Fotheringham between his hands. And as those 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon in the Berlin Olympiastadion, which lasted exactly 92 minutes and possibly marked a fresh start for the club, past, there was aftingham his eyes away from the lawn, turned around and pushed the first one he found Heartest in itself: Lucas Tousart, the scorers for 3: 0. The Scot Fotheringham, who had moved to Felix Magaths Corona findings on Thursday in the first row, invited these over months lethargic, blocking-acting team from the sideline with a remarkable energy. “He’s madness, the guy,” Niklas was strong. “It’s really fun to work with him.” And Marco Richter said approving: “What Mark has demolished here was outstanding. He grabbed us again and again and driven forward. “

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Bobic had to research first

Already in the training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, where Magath was still there, the 1.74-meter-great fotheringham was on the place of sound. He again repeatedly demanded more intensity and not only called once, “Let the handbrake get away!” Magath, whom he calls only “boss”, he has known FC Fulham for common days. After a season as a professional at the SC Freiburg and several years as assistant coach under Tomas Oral at Karlsruher SC and FC Ingolstadt Hertha Foteringham’s fourth station in Germany. “I am very grateful for this chance,” says the father of three sons. “He (Felix Magath, d. Red.) Is one of the most successful coaches in world football.” About himself he says: “I’m just Mark. I am a simple guy.” Managing Director Fredi Bobic confessed, he had “to research” about Foteringham “. He quickly finished: “No matter where I heard about him: he was described as cute and authentic.”

“I do not know what you mean with Braveheart”

The authenticity also received the journalists in the press conference after the Hoffenheim game. When the question was addressed to him, whether he showed the Berlin professionals in the game preparation the movie “Braveheart”, which told the story of the Scottish Freedom Fighter William Wallace, Foteringham Brüsk responded. “This is not fun what you say, because of Braveheart,” motive the visibly applied Scot. “I’m a serious, young coach. I have learned a lot. I do not know what you mean with Braveheart.” Detail questions about the new system – a 4-1-4-1 with strong before the defense – he also countered succinctly: “Have we played 4-1-4-1? I do not concentrate in tactics.”

Foteringham still has a lot

His former boss Oral sees him in sight as a head coach, as he betrayed the Ishak Belfodil. He estimates Fotheringham as “very honest, straightforward and loyal guy” who “have already analyzed as a professional as a coach and watched over the box”. And the wire to the players is apparently short. “Mark has a broad shoulder,” says Oral. “The players know exactly when and what can they come to him.” Against Hoffenheim, Magath was switched to the team from the hotel quarantine before the kick-off and in the half-time break. But the main job, says the head coach, did Foteringham. In the middle of the week Magath wants to return to the training place, his worker remains indispensable for the mission league. “Actually,” whited Bobic, “could come back Mark now with his balance: a game, a victory.” That will not happen, Foteringham has a lot in Berlin and then. He comes from a working-class family and does not only apply as emotionally and down to earth, but also as ambitious. He says, “I worked properly for this opportunity.” He wants to use them.

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