_ Decomposition 3_ was announced for Xbox Series X and PC in July 2020. Since then we have not seen anything of the game, nor have we heard of the game significantly, what makes sense considering that it was in early preproduction when it came out. It was announced. That said, this week everything changed, courtesy of the chief of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who provided a game update and confirmed that he is still under development.

During a recent interview, Spencer pointed out that he is “incredibly excited about some of the progress” that are being made with the third game of the series. Unfortunately, this is really the only juicy detail that Spencer had to share. In the update, he had a complete paragraph to say about it, but most of it is only public relations jargon.

«This is probably not a big surprise for the people who have seen me play, but I was a great State of Decay player through Era Xbox and pure Xbox. “They have had this pattern, they have spoken of it publicly since decomposition-1 to 2 to 3 and what they want to do, and we have not shown a lot [of state of decay 3]… it’s a game that I really enjoy playing, I’m a great Cooperative player, I like to build, I like to get resources… and I am very excited about the course that that team will take ».

With Spencer, it is often difficult to distinguish between public relations discourse and genuine emotion. And this is the case of almost all the heads of all the main game companies.

State Of Decay 3 Developer Updates Us On The GAME TODAY

_ Decomposition tasted_ The fans will expect these advances to include technical improvements, which is where the series still is considerably behind. The first two games do not work very well and do not look very good. If this can be remedied and combined with the addictive game cycle of the series, Xbox could have a great success in his hands, since survival games are very fashionable at this time and have been for several years.