How to Play PS4 Games on PS5!
As many of us have realized it several years ago, E3 is dead. While ESA organizers continue to procrastinate on the current relevance of the convention clearly disappeared, publishers trace their own independent alternatives. One of these companies would be Ubisoft, according to Tom Henderson, a specialist in the industry, who writes for Xfire .

Apparently, the French publisher prepares a showcase of Mastodonte, which will potentially understand updates on nearly 20 different games. We do not know when it happens – it seems that global events could play a big role – but that being Ubisoft, the knowledge of the event is not the only new. You see, Henderson also has his mucky mittens on the complete walking order, too.

So what can we expect? Well, first of all, there are the usual suspects: Skull & Bones, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and this crossover rabbits featuring a certain butcher of overall pipes. But there are also the most juicy stuff, like a third entry in the crew – God knows that the Playstation 5 could do with more arcade riders! – And one sequel to immortal: Fenyx Rising.

How about that too? Ubisoft Montpellier – The Rayman Legends team – would work on a brand new Prince of Persia, inspired by modern 2D titles like Ori and The Blind Forest. It sounds sumptuous! And do not worry, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, often delayed, has not been canned. Not yet anyway.

Elsewhere, titles such as The Heartland and XDefiant Division are likely to appear, and there are even speculation that an Assassin’s Creed title on a smaller scale, named Rift, could also appear during the showcase. Henderson warns that all developing projects may not be ready for high-listening hours, but it is clear that the French publisher has a lot to say.

To be honest, all this makes sense for us. Obviously, the original article is a little tasteless because it is not quite sure when the showcase will take place. But the publisher hosts his own live broadcasts for some time now under the Ubisoft Forward brand, and if he brings all the aforementioned titles to the next episode, so it will be a barnstorm.