Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on March 29th, Subscription Service PlayStation Plus, renewed significantly in June this year. Cloud Game Service PlayStation Now and service to be integrated.

After service integration, you can choose from a three-step plan. Each service content and subscription price (tax included) are as follows.

□ PlayStation Plus Essential

· Freeplay (Download two games every month can be downloaded without additional expenses)
· Subscriber limited discount
· Save data storage (cloud storage)
· Online multiplayer

Price: 850 yen 1 month 850 yen · 3 months 2150 yen · 12 months 5143 yen

□ PlayStation Plus Extra

· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS ESSENTIAL

The NEW PlayStation+ OFFICIALLY REVEALED! (PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, & PS5 Games!)
· You can download and play a few hundred ps4 / ps5 popular titles. Lineup also includes a PLAYSTATION STUDIOS and a hit work of software maker companies.

Price: 1 month 1300 yen · 3 months 3600 yen · 12 months 8600 yen


· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS EXTRA
· A maximum of 240 titles can be played by adding PS3 titles (cloud streaming), the primary PLAYSTATION, PS2, PSP title (cloud streaming and download).
• PS PLUS EXTRA and PS PLUS Premium services included in PSP and PS4 titles can be played through cloud streaming (Cloud Streaming Services in PC will be addressed by update later).
· A game trial (limited play time is limited) that can be played with a trial before purchase.

Price: 1 month 1550 yen · 3 months 4300 yen · 12 months 150,000 yen

While PS Plus Essential is the same as the existing PS Plus, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium have been added. In these plans, at the same time as the service renewal, we plan to provide titles such as “Death Stranding” “God of War” “Marvel’s Spider-Man” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Returnal”. And. The library of works is regularly updated after the service renewal. Details of the game lineup will be announced later.

With regard to PS NOW, the provision as a unique subscription service is terminated with service integration performed in June. An existing subscriber automatically migrates to PS Plus Premium and has no additional cost burden.