The Legend of Zelda, which is interested in many of the gamers around the world, was postponed in the spring of next year.

Nintendo announced on the 29th, the news that the Date of Zelda was delayed through the official YouTube channel. In the video, the Legend of Zelda, the Representative Producer, Aounma Age came out and said the news. Aoune Meiji said, “I decided to play a little more time for development,” he said. “

The Zelda Siduzzi was first released in E3 2019 Nintendo Direct. At the time I was unexpectedly, many people were as expected as a subsequent work that was unexpected. Since then, E3 2021 released the release of the year, but eventually it was postponed.

Launch Timing Update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel
This follow-up is expected to recover several dodges that have not been recovered from previous activities. In particular, the Jona ethnic, Hairal king, who lived in Phillonne province, is mentioned in the work, but it is a two-person researcher who has not appeared. According to a public trailer, it is expected that it will be a tremendous game that is rich in the Hairal area that appeared in the previous work, as well as on the Skyward Sword.

Learn more about Zelda Emperor Solius will be released later.