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Rocket League: Showcase

*NEW* NFL FAN PASS Showcase And FREE ITEMS On Rocket League!
In Rocket League you can always look forward to new content and with the Nascar Fan Pack, NASCAR fans will also get their money’s worth and can find their favorite driver in Rocket League. With the optical new cars you can and should of course score goals and what is better than a car from the Nascar series.

In the Nascar Fan Pack 2022 there are:

  • Nascar next gen Ford Mustang
  • Nascar next gen chevrolet camaro
  • Nascar Next Gen Toyota Camry
  • NASCAR NEXT MOTORSOND for all 3 next gene cars
  • Nascar next to goodyear racing bikes
  • Nine Nascar team stickers and matching player banners
    • Toyota Camry
    • Joe Gibbs Racing #19
    • Chevrolet Camaro
    • Hendrick Motorsports #5
    • Spire Motorsports #7
    • Trackhouse Racing #1

* Richard Childress Racing #8
* Ford Mustang
* Team Penske #12
* Front Row Motorsports #34
* RFK Racing #17
* Stewart-Haas Racing #4

You can admire the content in the following video:

If you want to support us, then share this video, the Fan Pack YouTube channel, leave a thumbs up when you liked the video – and activates the bell so that you will be notified as soon as you will be notified as soon as a new video is published.

Anti-Speedrun: Elden-Ring

While Speedrunner do everything possible to be able to shorten every second into Elden Ring, Youtuber Iron Pineapple can be involved in a completely opposite challenge. Because this wants to find out in his video whether the tough action game can be mastered even if his overloaded equipment makes him the slowest player in the world.

Elden Ring: The hardest challenge of the game?

The Dark-Souls series and now also Elden Ring are the Mecca of the Challenges . Whether speed run, exotic control or fighting with connected eyes, everything has already happened.

The latest challenge of the YouTuber Iron Pineapple is particularly clear. He asked himself whether the entire game can be mastered with an overloaded character .

As Iron Pineapple skilfully explains in his 35-minute YouTube video , there are three conventional ways to choose your equipment. Either you play your character in a light, medium or heavy armor. But many forget that there is another category: the overloaded.

These avoid almost everyone because it would be almost insane to play with this. Since your figure cannot avoid, run nor jump in this state. All essential skills in Elden Ring’s merciless boss fights.

Iron Pineapple does not stop this from choosing this challenge. On top of that, he decided not to touch his horse in the action-RPG . Unless he doesn’t get any further at one point. This also ensures the slowest run that the world has ever seen at Elden Ring.

If you want to see him with your own eyes, you can watch the entire video in English here:

But Iron Pineapple would like to take the extra portion of quality. As he reports in his video, this extremely slow transportation through the Open World later becomes an absolutely soothing Zen experience .

With the overloaded status, simple opponents quickly become real boss moments. A giant with archers in front of it becomes a tough adversary. Exactly this change of events for Iron Pineapple makes the charm of this challenge, as he emphasizes several times.

What are the difficulties of the challenge?

As is evident in the boss fights, Iron Pineapple uses a tactic from blocking and bumping whenever he feels safe. Due to his high defense and damage absorption, he can simply take a lot. In the later course it will also be shown that this approach with better equipment no longer offers as many disadvantages as one would initially assume.

The YouTuber often has to be creative ** when moving. Especially with platform elements, where small hurdles can only be overcome with jumps, he uses all the tricks that the game allows him. Instead of the normal jump, he uses the ability of Löwen claw of the ClayMore sword, which makes him jump despite the overweight.

At one point, however, all tricks and ideas do not help. Iron Pineapple grabs his horse at the giant mountain summit and use his jump function once in the game. Later, however, he still finds a creative solution and shows that another ability would have been the key to success.

Arrived at the Elden Beast , Iron Pineapple only wanted to succumb to this with his sign, but the movement of the boss opponent was too much of a good thing. So he used the Quickstep for this final struggle so as not to let the Encouter unnecessarily run out. The YouTuber thus proves that Elden Ring can be played through with an overload.

In order to put on the crown of this triumph, there is still a challenge: The fight against the most difficult boss – Malenia.

Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun WORLD RECORD (1:12:53) | CURRENT PATCH 1.04

With his usual tactics, even this merciless opponent was not a problem. As in many situations before, Iron Pineapple had to creatively counterattack certain attacks or idiosyncrasies of the opponents , such as the throw of a frozen pot when they briefly in the Airs rises.

For Iron Pineaplle, this passage, which is actually planned as a challenge, demonstrates how effectively large shields, shock swords and heavy armor are.

The countless hurdles he met and could master despite the challenge show for him how well thought out and flexibly the great game design of From software in Elden Ring.

9-euro ticket: You need to know that about the Sparticket

Validity: * throughout Germany, but only in local and regional traffic, not in long-distance transport
Period: * planned for June, July and August 2022

Latest update on 9 Euros Ticket/month for 90 days scheme in Germany
Price: * 9 euros per month and person, so 27 euros if you want to take the offer completely
Sales start: Mid to late May, depending on the type of purchase and region, there are differences
purchase by cell phone: via the DB Navigator app and via the apps of the regional transport associations
Online purchase: * The ticket should also be sold on the website betterweiter.de
Purchase on site: The sale to machines and customer service positions of the transport associations is planned
Validity: monthly ticket, from 1 to 30 June or July 1st to 31st and August 1st to 31st August

PS Plus in May 2022 gives you exclusive free

PS Plus not only gives subscribers access to online gaming, but also a handful of free games to download every month. From time to time, however, the service puts on a shovel again and gives yourself more content. Also this month there are three more free games to dust off.

Bonus content for FIFA 22 and COD: Warzone

It was already known in advance that there would be some free content for PS Plus subscribers for the beginning of the third season of COD: Warz1. You can read about what is in the “Odyssey Combat Pack”:

__3 __3

more on the subject

PS Plus: First subscription goodie for May 2022 is already known


Now the PS Plus games for May have also been officially announced and a title is particularly good. FIFA 22 is not only part of the subscription service from May 3, but also receives a DLC package exclusively for PS Plus members.

This contains the FIFA 22 Plus DLC package:

Pro starter’s Pack: * A FUT pack with 11 players, all of whom have a minimum of 82.
icon loan: * The choice of three superstars, one of which can play for five games in your FUT team.

Not only for newcomers: The DLC package is also available from May 3 to June 6th. If you already have FIFA 22, you don’t have to worry, by the way, you can also secure the DLC if you already have the game.

All you need is a PS Plus membership. If you only have FIFA 22 for PS4 or PS5, you can also secure the other version via PS Plus. And that can be worthwhile, because the difference between the two editions is remarkable.

If you want to know which PS Plus games are still worthwhile in May, we have an overview for you:

__3 __2

more on the subject

PS Plus in May 2022: These are the new free games for PS4/PS5


PS Plus May 2022 FREE PS4/PS5 Games LEAKED! (PlayStation Plus Leaks Rumors) PS+ 2022 Rumor/Leak

that will be new to PS Plus

For a long time it doesn’t take the time to start the revised PS Plus model. In Germany it should be ready on June 22, 2022. Some other countries start even earlier and could soon tell us the extra and premium models game library. We have summarized all information about the various options, prices and content here.

Do you secure the goodies or would you have preferred DLCs for other games?

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi: The director denies the appearance of an iconic character in the Disney+ series

Rarely a Star Wars series will have been so talked about before its release as Obi-Wan Kenobi. And for good reason: if it is an original story, this mini-series brings back several actors in the prelogy. This state of affairs asks many questions about the potential return of other characters.


The series _ Obi-Wan Kenobi_ will arrive on May 27 , in the middle of the Star Wars Celebration, which will take place in Anaheim from May 26 to 29. The opportunity to highlight the series, and to encourage Disney+ subscribers to take a look at the announcements.

Obi-Wan: a highly anticipated return

As announced, Obi Wan Kenobi will allow Ewan McGregor to become the Jedi Knight , for an adventure for a few years after the end of episode III . The Jedi were decimated, and Obi Wan took Luke, just born, to his family on Tatooine.

Knowing the power of force in this family for having been the mentor of Anakin Skywalker before he became Dark Vader, he decided to stay hidden on the planet to watch over the offspring of his former Padawan.

Surprises and cameos that make fans dream

But Vader is not very far, since we will find him in the guise of Hayden Christensen . Joel Edgerton will also resume his role as Owen Lars, then the fans wonder if other characters could not appear or at least be mentioned.

A question whose legitimacy has been reinforced by the statements of Rupert Friend , which embodies the great inquisitor. He indicated that one could expect a lot of surprises and cameos. Among the most insistent rumors, there is one that evokes the case of Dark Maul .

The director of the calm series everyone

Murder of Qui-Gon Jinn, the master of Obi-Wan, Maul was cut in two by the latter, before reappearing in star Wars the Clone Wars and Rebels. Dark Maul and Obi-Wan are therefore closely linked, and the idea of seeing him did not seem better. Unfortunately, it is obviously necessary to make a cross on this hope , since he was completely denied by Deborah Chow, the director of the series, in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter.

Since I was involved, we have never had Dark Maul in mind. Dave Filoni has already done a great job by telling this story.

This has the merit of being clear, even if some people can be disappointed. As a reminder, the Obi-Wan series was expected on May 25, but was postponed to correspond to the dates of the Star Wars Celebration. In compensation, on May 27, we will not have the right to one but two episodes **. Then they will arrive at the rate of one episode per week the next four weeks.


Obi-Wan Kenobi Director Teases Surprising Character Appearances l Hayden Teases Darth Vader's Future

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Hanbitsoft, Granado Espada Thailand Publishing Agreement

Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung -hyun) announced on the 27th that it signed a Thai service contract with Electronics Extreme (Extreme) and PC online game ‘Granado Espada’.

Granado Espada, who entered Thailand since November 2006, achieved 150,000 subscribers in two weeks, and won the Best Men’s Character Award and Best BGM award at the 2007 Thai Game Show. Granado has 730,000 local users who have encountered Espada.

The company expects Granada Espada to continue to grow by providing more inspiring customer service and game experience that fits the eye level of new generations through extreme publishing. Extreme was founded in 2014 as a publisher, and was selected as the best game professional guy at the Thai game show. Since then, he has shown a success with the Korean game IP.

An official from Hanbitsoft said, “Extreme is a publisher with a high understanding of Korean game IP and local users.” “We expect Granado Espada to be more satisfied with local users.”

Granado Espada in 2022

An extreme official said, “We have successfully launched many Korean games as a leading and experienced online game company,” he said. “We will understand the market and operate new ideas based on our voices.”

Granado Espada, meanwhile, is a PC online game that adopts a Multi-Character Control (MCC) system that operates three characters at the same time, unlike MMORPG that manipulates and nurtures one character. It features a medieval European graphic, a barrack mode that grows into a character of a family that has designated a character, and a battle mode where the operation changes.

Unity unveiled the entire session of Unity Wave 2022 held on May 9th

Unity, which provides real -time 3D content production and operating platforms, unveiled the entire session ahead of the ‘Unity Wave 2022’, which will be held in the form of hybrid from May 9 to 13.

‘Unity Wave 2022’ is an event designed to share the latest technology and information of the Unity engine with creators. ▲ Unity ▲ Game ▲ Simulation ▲ Digital Trin ▲ Virtual and Augmented Reality will show more than 35 sessions. All sessions can be participated by anyone through the offline event and online channels on the first floor of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

On the 9th, the first day of the event, Nikita Pigasov, Nikita Pigasov, introduced ZIVA Dynamics, which was acquired in January, and the functions that can produce high -quality real -time 3D animations ‘ZIVA’ RealTime: It will be explained through the natural animation ‘session in the game. On the 10th, Mark Schoennagel Unity Senior developer Edboit will present the Unity Demo Team’s latest flagship cinematic demo “Enemies”. You can look at the process of producing the latest tech demo “Enemy Maz” and look at Unity’s new hair system and upgraded digital human production tools.

In the ‘Unity Simulation Technology and Case Introduction for Digital Twin Building’ on the 11th, Yang Jin -seok Unity Korea lead solution engineer will be speaking. Various industries such as automobiles, construction, and manufacturing will explain the simulation technology using Unity through on -site use cases. Unity for Digital Twin, scheduled for the 12th, will be presented on the theme of introducing the 3DEX Virtual Product Experience, which shares platforms and applications using the 3D realistic model. In particular, Samsung SDS’s 3D model -based virtual meeting platform takes time to share various tasks, such as interacting and production efficiency process.

On the last day, you can also find a session on the theme of ‘virtual office’ for the hybrid work era. LG Uplus talks about Unity’s use -use cases and implementation process, along with explanation of the business meta bus platform virtual office with Unity Korea. In addition, the company plans to share various know -how, including the collaboration process of the two companies for the development of virtual offices and the direction of implementing the business meta bus platform.


In this Unity Wave 2022, the one-day training ‘Hands-on Training’, which allows experts to learn Unity directly, is attracting attention from creators. You can participate in a variety of training, from sessions to learn XR technology, which is essential for the development of methbus content, to sessions that make games by unity visual scripting. In particular, in the CAD data optimization using Pixyz on the 12th, CAD specialist ‘PIXYZ’ products can be learned through practice methods to optimize large amounts of CAD data. It is expected to be useful information.

Kim In -sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, “We have prepared a variety of programs not only about the overall content of Unity, but also for various industrial sessions and training to learn Unity from experts.” We look forward to becoming a place for more creators to grow and develop. ”

Skate 4: Its already a lot of fun saying the player tester

Fashion game scenes from the pre-alpha and possible features like an online skate park for yourself: the last week had some interesting news to offer skate 4.

The information did not come from official sources, because so far, Electronic Arts has not revealed almost nothing about the game. But a game test ensured that a lot was strung to the outside.

So also the statement of testers that Skate 4 should already do a lot of fun and it was a great skateboard video game. This reports Jeff Grubb in an article on Venturebeat.


There is also listed again that Skate 4 plays in the open world of Fun City. The city is filled with a variety of activities, including races and tricks. FULL CIRCLE should focus on the basic gameplay items as a developer.

As mentioned earlier, the point of individualization should be a big topic. The adaptation options are comparable to modern multiplayer games. Grubb compares that with Forza, in which despite the same vehicles can chap his own. He himself speculates besides the content generated by players on premium content.

About your own online skate park Grubb said that you can just open your own server where you can hang up with friends and skate together. Ideas for own tricks and scenarios should be implemented directly by adding skatepark elements, which you can then try it immediately.

Since Electronic Arts give up a lot of time to try out and experiment for the development team, it could take a long time until Skate 4 is released. It seems like to create something special for the fans.

COD Warzone: Season 3 starts the day after tomorrow – one of the most essential point in 3 mins

When will the new Season start? The brand-new Season 3 of Call of Task: Warzone is called “Classified Arms” and also begins on the 27th of April at 6 pm of our time.

What is offered to the upgrade? There will certainly be a bigger upgrade once more, however the scope is still unclear. Because of the revealed changes, in between 10 and 20 GB appear feasible.

Live Seasons in Warzone: The totally free Fight Royale on a regular basis brings new Seasons with fresh web content without further expenses.

The brand-new Season 3/2022 byCall of Responsibility: Warzone goes online on Wednesday, April 27, at 18:00. One of the most important info in the fast overview we provide you on Meinmom.

The information of the season as well as the web content upgrade always come shortly before the launch. If there are brand-new information, we update the post as necessary.

A deeper understanding into the components of the Season 3 you will get with our huge season special.

For the updates of the last Seasons there was a preload for the update. Consider Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, whether you can start the download soon.

Warzone: Season 3 – Beast Attack on Caldera

What is the emphasize of the Season? On May 11, the “Operation: Emperor” starts. The time-limited event brings a special video game setting to Warzone, which allows the Filmonster Godzilla as well as King Kong about Caldera.

It is not rather clear just how the setting ends. You can locate our info article concerning Operation Emperor below. The teaser to the event we bind you below:


What occurs to the Season Start? Map changes in the video game are completely concentrated on Caldera. On top of that, the designers have announced Equilibrium modifications:

  • Map Changes Caldera
  • New scene “Dig Website” on Caldera
  • Changes in Top, Runway, Shallows
  • New Gulag for Caldera
  • Gulag “Hold” in a ship

More details concerning the MAP adjustments can be located in our information regarding the roadmap of Season 3.

In addition to that, the programmers have actually verified that some adjustments in the tools meta are pending:

  • Sniper Meta must change in Season 3
  • Nerf for the solid LMG BREN comes in Season 3

Furthermore, enhancements in the sound and a brand-new balancing are attributable to the purpose Aid for Controller. Yet it is still uncertain whether that already comes in Season 3.

The Motion picture Trailer of the Season 3 we bind you right here:

Which tools include the Battle Pass? Quickly to the Season Start you will locate in the Battle Pass 2 tools free of charge play:

Just how these other modifications look like, is not yet known.

What occurs later in the Season? During the season, 2 even more weapons enter into the video game: the melee tool “Sled Hammer” and the equipment gun “H4 BIXEN”.

  • M1916 – DMR with 2-shot eliminates in multiplayer
  • Comparable tools are taken into consideration weak in Warzone
  • Nikita AVT – Tornado rifle with the greatest fire rate of the class in Lead
  • Seems like sniper support with amazing essays

Season 3 Changes the Caldera Map of Warzone and also brings a large occasion with even larger monsters.

By the way, prior to the new Battle pass comes, you should log in to the game again: Warzone FIXT broken Battle Pass and also assures settlement – yet you have to be quickly.

The brand-new Season 3/2022 byCall of Obligation: Warzone goes online on Wednesday, April 27, at 18:00. There will certainly be a bigger upgrade once more, yet the extent is still unclear. What is the emphasize of the Season? What happens to the Season Start? ** Map modifications in the game are entirely concentrated on Caldera.

The Map Caldera need to also transform better. The substrate comes to be a fight location and also underground areas open for players. A teaser states “The surface area is not risk-free any longer”.

You require the best tools and also devices to have a possibility against Godzilla and King Kong if you think the advertising on the event. You still desire to brighten your Arsenal, look right here: COD Warzone: The finest tools with configurations – continuously updated

Roccat unveils wireless game helmet Syn Pro Air Revolutionary Air

Roccat, a peripheral play company under the aegis of Turtlebeach based in Germany, has officially unveiled the brand new high-end wireless game headset Syn Pro Air. Syn Air Air is the last addition to the Roccat game helmets range that has already established a strong place in the industry alongside Turtlebeach, a true pioneer and pioneer video game devices. The Syn Air Air Headset combines Roccat’s design and engineering with Turtlebeach’s patented audio expertise and technologies. The helmet shows the usual signature style of Roccat thanks to its unique and elegant design using Stellar Wireless technology to ensure a powerful 3D audio experience with a long battery life and, of course, RGB technology. The SYN PRO Air of Roccat is currently available in pre-order with participating retailers around the world and on the Roccat website, Roccat.com. The helmet will be officially available on June 20, 2021 at the retail price of $ 149.99.

Rene Korte, founder of Roccat and Managing Director of PC Devices at Turtlebeach praised the upcoming product by declaring: “” Just like the ELO series, the SYN PRO air _ is the perfect combination of the high concentration of design. Roccat and audio expertise and state-of-the-art technology from Turtle Beach Syn Pro Air Offre to fans The latest 3D audio technology associated with flawless wireless connectivity, as well as our semi-transparent _COQUILLE BIONIC AN Larger design with BIEN lighting. Syn pro air _ is by far our best pc game helmet to this day.

Syn Air Air offers a lot of features that distinguish it, including a high sensitivity microphone using Truspeak technology and a design compatible with sunglasses. SYN PRO air repels the boundaries of surround sound 7.1 using 3D audio that gives players a competitive advantage to hear from above, from below and around. In addition, the superhuman hearing sound setting, based on Turtlebeach’s latest technology, increases the critical footsteps of the enemy to help players. Roccat’s Stellar Wireless technology ensures that the cable-free experience is reinforced by a 24-hour battery life and a 15-minute USB-C charging to return to the game as quickly as possible.

Turtlebeach and Roccat believe that the Syn Wireless Game Headset will be the first choice of players in the future.

It's SINFULLY light! - Roccat Syn Pro Air Wireless Gaming Headset

Are you interested in buying the Syn Air Air Helmet? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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