Earlier this year we had an opportunity to know how the Batgirl suit would look for your new movie at HBO MAX , and the truth is that the fans were not happy at all. In fact, the director of this project, Adil the ARBI, had to answer all these complaints with a meme. Now we have a new look at Leslie Grace playing the character, and it seems that there are still a couple of doubts about it.

Through your account of * Instagram , The ARBI shared a photo where we can see it next to Grace and Bilall Fallah , another of the producers involved in the film. The curious thing about this photograph is that Grace is completely characterized as Batgirl **, allowing us to see with greater detail the new suit of it.

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As you can see, Grace maintains a design very similar to that of comics, both in the form of the emblem and in the classic redhead hair. We do not know if this new image will be enough to appease fans, but we hope the final product does not disappoint.

Leslie Grace - Bachatica (Official Video)
Editor’s Note: What you miss me from all this is that the movie is only going to debut in HBO Max. The DCEU still does not have a defined course, but at least things already improved in recent years with productions such as The Batman, Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad. Hopefully Batgirl can join that list.