T1 Lee League of Legend (Roll below) E-sports history has made another record for the long history. After the introduction of the LCK League, he was achieved the 10th championship of the LCK, with the first tradition winner. As a result, T1 completed a large deal in the 10th anniversary of the LCK, and wrote the same record of ‘Pakers’, which was only on the team in T1, and the ‘Paker’ was written.

This season T1 showed that it is a king’s return. T1 is a second year of the year, which was a second year, only the season. Some of the main advantages were suspected from many fans without additional athletes in this stove league. All of the five players showed a queen game and showed that we showed the power of the championship.

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In fact, this is a huge record that might not be somewhere in the history of rolling. But T1 looks a little higher place. It is the World Championship, aka Rinde Cup, which is in November, including Mid Season Investation (MSI), which is held in Busan, right in May, in May. It is also one of the important goals to win the upcoming summer season and to achieve the LCK V11. If all the records of the previous record, T1 will not be broken for the next 10 years and will remain everly as a non-sporting team in the Roll e sports history.

Roll e Sports fans are also very satisfied with the results of T1 in this season. Games Mecca ID Uncooked “I was nice to the contents and results of the season”, Falcolter “I want to be the best season” “Now, if you win the rolled cup once more, you will not be able to see the” Pacor “in MSI, which is held in Busan,” Paker “wants to see the winner of the International Convention in Korea.” It is certainly the best team, but I hope that I want to stay longer in the best place, “there are many fans who want to continue to write new records.

The remaining homework on T1 is to keep the perfect weight of the spring season steadily. If you successfully unwind this homework, T1 will be able to rebuild the ‘T1 Dynasty’, which is from 2015 to 2017. The domestic and overseas T1 fans, as well as the majority of roll e-sports fans will be able to see the appearance once more. I hope that the T1 ridge is not ending here.

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