It's EMBARRASSING we have to have this conversation on Bayern Munich! - Ale Moreno | ESPN FC
Trainer Julian Nagelsmann by Bayern Munich has smoothed the waves against FC Augsburg (1: 0) after the replenishment of the visibly dissatisfied Leroy Sané in Derby.

He too was “noticed that the handshake has occurred differently differently, less frustrated,” said Nagelsmann about the scene in the 64th minute, but: “I’m not angry, we do not have to make a headline out of it.”

He himself had been replaced as a player “never” because he was always injured, the coach joked. “But if I had been replaced, I would not have fallen to the coach around the neck and would have said, what a horny guy are you?”, Supplemented he smiled.

National player Sané (26) is “very self-critical and questions extremely,” reported the 34-year-old. If it’s not so running, be Sané “Mostly Stocksauer”, but the blame is not the blame but other.

“That he can play better than games in the last two, he knows – and he will, too. He has my full support, my maximum sympathy and empathy too.”