Lost year for Dennis Schröder, a comet start of Franz Wagner and the breakthrough at Isaiah Hartenstein – The SID illuminates the situation of German professionals in the NBA after the end of the main season.

Play-off participant

Daniel Theis (Boston Celtics): Behind the Center of the German national team is a real roller coaster ride. The Iis started the season at the Houston Rockets, the worst team in the West. The meanwhile 30-year-old should precede as a veteran, but it just did not fit. The return to the Boston Celtics in February was then a real salvation for the Lower Saxony, who has also convinced as a starter since the violation of Robert Williams III at the end of March. As the second of the Eastern Conference, the Celtics go with much self-confidence in the first play-off round against a team that still needs to be qualified.

Maximilian glue (Dallas Mavericks) : Behind the 30-year-old Würzburger lies a changeable season. Again and again, the defensive specialist made blessures to create, as currently at the ankle. The athletic professional was thus only used in 59 out of 82 games, and his threesome with 32.5 percent hit rate this season was not as reliable as hoped. The MAVs meet in the first play-off round on Utah Jazz – with the clear goal, in contrast to the past year.

Isaac Bonga (Toronto Raptors): The versatile 22-year-old received little playing time at the Canadians this season. After the play-offs, the Toronto starts against the Philadelphia 76ers, Bonga will have to reconsider his future.

Play-in participant

Isaiah Hartenstein ALL Three-Pointers From 2021-22 NBA Regular Season

Isaiah Hartenstein (Los Angeles Clippers) : His contract had to earn the 23-year-old only in the training camp – now he is hardly indispensable from the team of the Clippers. Hardstone has made the breakthrough and came to 68 missions. In about 18 minutes, he achieved more than eight points per game in a rising tendency and convinced the boards. The national player divides in the play-off qualification with L.a. with the Minnesota Timberwolves and has brought into an excellent starting position for contract negotiations after the end of the season.

PLAY OFFS missed

Dennis Schröder (Houston Rockets): The playmaker of the national team has a lost season behind – and stands according to the end of the contract before groundbreaking negotiations. After hopping a highly doped offer of the Los Angeles Lakers, Schröder came under Boston before the start of the season in Boston, but was transferred to Texas in the spring with his buddy This to Texas. In his statistics Schröder fell back behind the values he once had in Atlanta, Oklahoma or L.a. The next step of Braunschweig, who absolutely wants to participate in the home em (from 1 September), must sit.

Franz and Moritz Wagner (Orlando Magic) : Franz Wagner put a comet start in the best basketball league in the world. With one of the worst teams, the 20-year-old enthused a basketball IQ and achieved an average of 15.2 points in 79 missions, he should also take a central role in the young team from Florida. Whether his about three and a half years of older brother Moritz also receives this opportunity is open, his contract was only for the past season. With just nine points in 15 minutes of playing time, he has proved to be a reliable option from the bank with his 62 missions.