Regardless of whether you liked it or not, the truth is that the first movie of Sonic The Hedgehog was quite good at the box office and everything indicates that your sequel will be the same, but is that more successful. We say this because at the time of writing, Sonic 2 has already been collected just over $ 140 million internationally, a figure that continues to grow considerably as the days pass.

Sonic Movie 2 Breaks Box Office Record! - Biggest Video Game Movie Opening Weekend EVER!
Previously, the first tape of Sonic broke a record like the video game film with the best debut in history with a total of $ 58 million dollars, and now this record was destroyed by his sequel, who managed to gather a Total $ 71 million dollars during its first weekend at the local box office.

Obviously, this means that Paramount will continue working on more films of Sonic , and in fact, they confirmed that it is already part of its own cinematographic universe, which will be expanded to other means such as television with confirmation From the Spinoff series of Knuckles . Besides, who already had the opportunity to see Sonic 2, will know that a third part is already on a road too.

Editor’s note: Either as it is, Sonic’s success is certainly a surprise, especially if we consider that this type of adaptations normally do not go well. We’ll see if they manage to keep this streak with all their future projects, but under the right direction, they should not have any problem doing it.