While most of us at the end of Elden Ring have 80 to 120 hours on the clock – or possibly even more – lies the new Speedrun record at less than 20 minutes. That we can not complete the Elden Ring quickly, that’s one, but during this time, our freezer pizza will not even get ready – at least with most of us.

Speedrunner on the fast lane

It’s about it: We have already reported several times over the impressive Elden Ring Records of the Twitch Streamer Distortion2. The Souls and Speedrun veteran had always presented new times in recent weeks.

Thus, his times have developed: At least the Runner needed 49 minutes and 29 seconds. Then he went to crack the 40s mark. For example, more of his records were 37 minutes and 15 seconds and 28 minutes and 29 seconds.

Shortly before the stream in which the new record was achieved, Distortion2 has first uploaded a video with a graduation time of 22 minutes 21 seconds on YouTube. The new time is now in incredible 18 minutes and 58 seconds (or 18 minutes, 57 seconds in Game Time).

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Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun FORMER WORLD RECORD (1:29:39) | Current Patch 1.03

20 minute mark cracked

Thus, the 20-minute brand is now cracked! Of course, the Speedrun is in no way comparable to a normal game run. To achieve the credits thus quickly, Runner Glitches, which allow it to skip areas and endpers. However, the perfecting of these strategies requires a lot of preliminary work, exercise, skill and perseverance.

The 20 minute mark crack was really an ambitious goal and Distortion2 can hardly believe it even when the Run finally finished. He said several times that he was trembling and that was to listen to his voice. Shortly before, the streamer had complained how tired he was.

On Twitter, the Speedrunner summarizes:

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Link to Twitter content

The world’s first Any% Elden Ring [-run] in less than 20 minutes !! I wrote a flight and made a 15 hour stream for it. Had almost the hope, but in the end I have prevailed. Thanks to all who were there and have supported me during this mad streams <3.

By the way, you can watch the whole stream here. If you only want to see the record run, you should jump for about for the last half hour **:

What a Speedrun is that? As already given by Distortion2 to protocol, it is the Any% category, which is just the goal of completing the game as soon as possible. There are also other categories such as “All Remembrances”, which is mandatory to defeat all bosses that have an echo. In addition, the new record was achieved on the old patch version. But of course that is the case with the older comparisons.

Do you like to look at Speedruns and what do you think of the new record?