You played in Wordle, but feel that time has come for something more exciting? If you are Fantnite Fan, we have a game for you! Check out Fortle, game to guessing Fortnite words.

How to play Fortle and about the game

Fortl – a game created in 2022 fans of franchise (not an official product Epic Games). He was inspired by the popular game in guessing words Wordle. To play, it is almost exactly the same as Wordle. However, words of five letters must be associated with Fortnite. And The correct letters in the right place will be orange (and not green), with correct letters in the wrong place purple (instead of yellow). The players will have six chances to guess the correct word.

Best initial words for use in Fortle

There are many five-letter words belonging to Fortnite. When you just start, it may be difficult to come up with some of them, so do not hesitate to use any of these words below. All of them were tested in Fortle to make sure they work.

  • Agent
  • Foreigner
  • Flowering
  • Boxes
  • Build
  • Koyki
  • Suffocation
  • cone

  • Crack

  • Forty

* Ghost
* Jones
* Knock
* Midas
* Minis
* Peaks

  • Saw
  • Rifle
  • Volume
  • Fire
  • Browse
  • Spies
  • A rock
  • Thunderstorm

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