The company Coherence has received another $ 8 million to promote the development of its groundbreaking network technology and thus improve the prerequisites for the development of multiplayer games.

This recent round of financing will help Cohermence to further expand its team and introduce its technology for game developers, which offers exciting ways to democratize the development of real-time multiplayer experiences.

The company was founded by the former CEO and co-founder of Playdead (Limbo, Inside), Dino Patti, and is headed by him. The C-Level team includes Tadej Gregorcic as co-founder and CTO, who has already worked for Supercell, LG and Adidas, as well as Senta Jakobsen as COO, who has gained experiences at Radical Entertainment, Dena, Crytek, THQ Nordic and Dice.

This round was led by Griffin Gaming Partners, involving a number of other investors. With an investment portfolio to which company such as Discord and Overwolf belong, Coherence is looking forward to cooperation with Griffin, an investor, which is known for its expertise and knowledge in identifying groundbreaking companies in a constantly changing and innovative industry.

Coherence is an open, user-friendly and highly scalable platform for the development of multiplayer games and virtual worlds.

You will first come up with a Unity SDK and a plug-in (other platforms will follow) and allows developers to create a functioning multiplayer prototype within a few minutes.

The platform makes creating, testing and providing networked games easier than ever and makes the development of multiplayer games accessible to all.

Co-founder Dino Patti said: “Real-time multiplayer experiences still have a significant unused potential. There are so many hurdles when it comes to the development of multiplayer games that can bring the creative process early in the development of a game to succumb. With Coherence, we want to clear these obstacles out of the way, and this recent round of financing will help us meet this mission. It was a very exciting journey so far, and I can not wait for further talents to join our already amazing team. “

Anthony Palma, partner at Griffin Gaming Partners, said, “We are excited to work with the talented team of Coherence to develop the next generation of multiplayer technology for games. As a former game developer, I know the challenges that tackle Dino and his team for game developers, first-hand. We are pleased that you give more game developers the opportunity to develop scalable and complex multiplayer experiences with coherence. “