Recent communications that showed a recent communication line of communications 3, a new food, ‘I have left my credit information management (My Data) “.

According to the industry on the 13th, SK Telecom is in February and is preparing to acquire the acquisition of Mai Data Premium. KT, last November last year, LG U Plus applies for preliminary permits for entering the Mai Data business on the December Financial Committee.

Mai data refers to a business that gathers various credit information scattered on banks, cards, securities, carriers, and other credit information scattered.

■ Using MY Data with Communication and Finance

SK Telecom and KT added Mai Data related business to new business purposes at the General Assembly of the shareholders last month. Although not covered by the rating party, LG Yuplus is also preparing for the relevant business.

The reason for the company to speed on the Mai Data business is that it is highly utilized when promoting new businesses through data linkage.

Especially, if carriers become a my data provider, we can provide services based on the current communication data and financial information data.

Until now, when checking the account balance, the amount of card billing, the amount of the communications, etc., it is possible to confirm this on a single platform provided by the carrier, unlike the app or service.

Communication companies are collaborating with financial sector for my data business.

SK Telecom has signed a contract with SC Best Bank and Mai Data dedicated for February last year. In the early year, the Mai Data Service of Hana Bank has introduced a cloud solution to ‘Tako’.

KT has attracted the industry’s attention while investing W25bn in the Mai Data App Bank salad last year. In addition, it is a plan to proceed with a mai data business that combines communication and finance through financial subsidiaries such as BC cards and KBank.

LG U Plus started a Mai data project with Shinhan Bank, CJ Olive Networks since 2020. They focus on building the My Data Platform Infrastructure, such as providing services called Dickitaca.

■ Many Mai Data Policy… Improved in the new government

Data as a Service (DaaS)

As such, carriers have advanced to the My Data Project, there is an advantage in terms of service scalability. However, carriers are currently blocked by providing duty information, so they are blocked by direct mai data business.

This argues that the regulations on the carrier must be relaxed in the industry in the industry. However, this is a complexity of the mission and complexity, and the complexity of the system is delayed. Currently, Mai Data Service Relations Department, is five, including the Privacy Commission, the Ministry of Information and Technical Information Communications, Finance Committee, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Administrative Security.

However, the government has recently been pronounced in the Mai Data business. On the last 12 days, the Privacy Committee has launched the Mai Data Type and Transmission Standardization Project. My data standardization business is a process that must be preceded to spread my data introduced in some areas of financial and public.

In addition, Yoon Suk-yeol, the new government, as the ICT assignment, is as long as the new government has given the new government.

Individual officials said, “The carriers will be able to enhance their role as a mandatory information provider, but they will be able to improve regulations, and will be able to enter the promising business.