New Software’s New Action RPG “ Elden Ring ” has appeared “Meri” and “Meri” with “Meri” to the end of Merina appeared.

SATOSHI 98 produced this MOD. The effect will be read, and in the main character’s maiden and merina remarks text, the word will be “merged” in the text of the main character.

For example, at the first ethnet event, I met early and greetings with “ for the first time Meri “. After that, “ Meri who knows the maiden of fingers? ” “ Help the fader and lead the existence of guidance… “. It seems that the question mark or three-point leader will respond properly.

I usually do not usually hard and join the journey. She was a very mysterious meriner, but it will be a strange character with this MOD. Of course, the journey will be a little commal until the conversation with the blessing that can be selected occasionally.

In addition, it is intended to be “merini” to the end of the merina, and it was a netmeaming from before MOD. This MOD will be the form that this will be realized in the game.