At Amazon you can get cheap the PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch cheap on offer, in the design of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He only costs 16.70 euros (RRP: 24.99 euros). According to comparison platforms, the Zelda model published at the end of 2021 has never been so favorable. Even in the many other designs in which the PDP Rock Candy is available, it is currently nowhere to get so cheap. So far, Amazon does not give any information on how long the deal still applies. Here you will find him:

PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch (Zelda) for 16,70 € at Amazon

What does the PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch?

Quality: The Rock Candy Switch Controller in Zelda Design is a 2021 published, official of Nintendo licensed Gamepad of the manufacturer Performance Designed Products (PDP), which already has a whole range of controllers for Nintendo Switch and also for Xbox has brought the market. It is a lower price range wired controller, whose sticks and buttons are still reliable and accurate. In addition, the controller is properly processed and is well in the hand.

Features: The gamepad has the layout and the buttons, which can also be found at the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Compared to the significantly more expensive Nintendo Gamepad, the PDP controller lacks some features. It has neither RMBLE nor the necessary sensors for motion control. Also NFC for reading Amiibos is not available.

PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch (Zelda) for 16,70 € at Amazon

Design: One of the main reasons for the purchase of the PDP Rock Candy is of course its appearance. Like all the controllers of the Rock Candy series, the Zelda model has a transparent shell, which is colored blue in this case. Front on the left handle finds a picture of link in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wildly known design. By the way, the cable is removable, so it does not bother if you want to place the controller clearly visible on the shelf.

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