Towards the end of March, the two manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony, have delivered a battle by interposed media. On the one hand, the Nippone company was trying to respond to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass by restructuring its PlayStation Plus offer. On the other hand, the American giant revealed nothing, but prepared in the shadow his next adjustment for his subscription system to the rich catalog of games. The new idea of the Redmond firm? Propose an offer that will delight the whole family!


Towards a multi-game pass?

When very nothing has been formalized on the part of Microsoft, a rumor revealed the next EstoCade that the American giant is preparing to bring to his competitor on the other side of the Pacific. Because yes, it’s not that the PlayStation more that aims to redo a beauty since the Xbox Game Pass could, too, have a new offer that would go to all of the Fireplaces interested in the Microsoft subscription. As mentioned by the WindowsCentral website, a few days ago, the Redmond firm reflects at a family formula that would allow several members of the same home to benefit from several accounts on one and the same subscription.

With this new head strategy, Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass move to the forms already offered by other industry leaders, such as Netflix, Disney +, Spotify or Big N, in terms of video games, with its Nintendo Switch Online subscription . As a reminder, the great manitou of the Xbox and current Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer, had already indicated that such a track was explored internally, without giving more details. Today, the rumor becomes precise because it is corroborated by another journalist, close to the files on which Microsoft works.

An announcement this summer, and a launch at the end of the year?

While it was mentioned last week the development of a more compact and more efficient chip for Xbox Series X , Brad Sams returned to the load by adding its small grain of salt around From a Burning Microsoft folder: the addition of a family formula for its Xbox Game Pass, allowing up to five people of the same focus to graft on a single subscription. According to the journalist who officiates for the Thurrott media, the information of Jez Corden WindowsCentral on this new formula would be proven, and Microsoft would care about throwing this offer soon.

The journalist fails to say, with certainty, when this subscription could arrive on the market because, in-house, the timing of the announcement could have been revised. Today, the rumor wins by weight, and it would not be surprising that all this is formalized in good and due form during the period of the E3 – if it is that we can always call it so despite it ‘Cancellation of the show – for marketing by the end of the year 2022 . There is only to be patient to discover, or no, all that!

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Microsoft Game Pass goes Netflix style with supposed family plan subscription
There are 3 minutes

It will not have long lasted to see the rumors of a Microsoft reaction! Hoping that this is concretized, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate even at 20 € / month would be an excellent deal with 3 to 5 accounts grafted on it.

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